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How important is the surprise ending in the story of The Gift of Magi?

How important is the surprise ending in the story of The Gift of Magi?

The surprise ending of “The Gift of the Magi” comes when Jim tells Della that he sold his watch in order to raise enough money to buy her a Christmas present, an expensive set of tortoise-shell combs for her long hair. This is especially important because it resolves Della’s main problem. She wants Jim to love her.

How does O’Henry foreshadow the surprise ending in the story?

How does O. Henry foreshadow the surprise ending in the story? Della and Jim are so deeply in love that their sacrifice is believed. When Jim first sees Della’s haircut, why does he have a “peculiar expression” on his face?

Does the story The Gift of the Magi end the way you expected?

Does the Gift of Magi story end the way you expected? yes, because of previous experience reading the story.

Is there a foreshadowing in the Gift of Magi?

The only foreshadowing I see in the story, “The Gift of the Magi”, is when Della has been crying because she only has $1.87 cents to buy a gift for Jim. This foreshadows sadness to me since Christmas was the next day and she didn’t have the money to buy Jim’s present.

What can you infer about Jim and Della?

Based on the story The Gift of Magi, it can be inferred that Jim is poor but a loving husband. The only thing that keeps him going every day is his love for his wife, Della. One day, he sells his gold watch to buy Della a nice comb, however, he is shocked when he finds out Della has no use of the comb anymore.

Why did Jim say they’re too nice to use now?

The presents are indeed “too nice” to use “at present,” because both Jim and Della are now unable to use them. Della has sold her hair and so cannot use the combs, and Jim as sold his watch, and therefore is unable to use his new fob for his watch because he has sold it to gain the combs for Della.

Why did della feel sad on losing her hair?

Della felt sad because although he got the combs that she yearned for, she no longer had her beautiful, long hair.

What was Della’s gift for Jim?

Della’s gift to Jim is a chain for his watch (which he just sold).

Why did Jim say their parents were too nice to use just at present?

What was the true meaning of O Henry’s the gift of the Magi?

The timeless, ironic twist, emblematic of O. Henry’s oeuvre, reminds readers of the oft-repeated “true meaning of Christmas.” The sentiment is tiresome and trite, but the story’s soul endures.

When was the gift of the Magi published?

‘The Gift of the Magi’ is a very unusual and surprising story central to a Christmas theme. O. Henry, also known as William Sydney Porter, published this short story in 1905. Therefore, the short story is considered part of the Realism and Naturalism literary period of American History.

What happens at the end of the gift of the Magi?

Jim and Della’s bold self sacrifice for the sake of love comes unexpectedly to the readers, but none the less convincing and admirable.

Is the gift of the Magi a catechism?

Instead of showing Della’s reaction, O. Henry gives us a Catechism on the relevance of the Magi’s gifts, which is indeed an apt ending to this very charming and heartfelt short story. ‘The Gift of the Magi’ is deemed the greatest short story that O. Henry has ever written.