How hard are supplementary exams?

How hard are supplementary exams?

Is supplementary exam difficult? The assessments are, in general, a bit harder because you are being given a second chance. Additionally, since the tests are done in isolation, it means that the student does not have tension for other subjects. To be fair to other students, the assessment is set to be tougher.

What is super supplementary exam?

The students must pass the papers they failed before entering into the next grade. In most universities you will get three chances to clear any given backlog, Supplementary Exam, Re-Supplementary and Re-Re-Supplementary Exam also called Super-Supplementary Exam as a slang term by the students.

What if we fail in supplementary exam?

Students who have failed in multiple subjects can either appear for supplementary exam of those subjects or again reappear for board exam in all subjects next year. As you have failed in core subjects of senior secondary board, you should re appear for board exam for all subjects next year.

What happens if you fail supplementary exam Monash?

A supplementary assessment cannot be deferred, and if not completed, a Fail result will be returned. If the supplementary assessment is failed, the unit’s result will be returned to the original grade.

Is supplementary exam easy?

The supplementary exams are in general a tad tougher than normal exams everywhere. You are getting a second chance , so they want only really deserving candidate to go through. Since supplementary exams are mostly in isolation , i.e mean you don’t have tension for other subjects’ exam.

What are supplementary exams for?

A supplementary exam is a form of further assessment offered to students who have not satisfied the passing criteria set by the educational institution for a particular course. they’re offered to students who achieved below the cut off score, normally 50% or 60% in a subject.

What is a supplementary year?

9.1 The Supplementary Year is an additional year of study within a programme that is provided for eligible students to enable them to meet the criteria for progression whereas otherwise they are not able to progress to the next year or component.