How does rehearsal mix work?

How does rehearsal mix work?

Rehearsal Mixes have your part turned up louder than the overall mix. Sometimes there might even be more than one mix so you can pick between parts. Be sure to use these whenever you want. When your email text is ready, click Send.

How do you use rehearsal mix in multitracks?

Three Ways to Rehearse Create a setlist and share mixes with your team. Help your team come prepared. Open any RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder, so you can listen to your part while you follow the chart. Schedule your team for a service and give each person access to their part.

What is team sharing on multitracks?

Playback Team Sharing is a single-user subscription that gives permission to members of your team to access purchased content in Playback. This includes Tracks products and Ambient Pads, as well as any original tracks uploaded via MultiTracks Cloud Pro.

Where can I find multitrack songs?

Free Multitracks

  • Mike Senior’s Mixing Secrets Library. Over 200 multitracks that span every genre imaginable – from pop to stoner rock, big band to death metal.
  • Multitracks from Telefunken.
  • Shaking Through.
  •’s Mix This!
  • Indaba Music.
  • PureMix.
  • The Pro Audio Files.

What is Loop community?

We are a community of worship leaders who support each other. When you buy a community track from Loop, you financially support a local worship leader. Along with distributing tracks created by our team and the community, we also partner with artists to distribute their original multi-track stems.

Can you share MultiTracks?

Absolutely, add a person to your account and enable Team Sharing to share both your purchased library & MultiTracks Cloud content with them.

What is a track rig?

Track Rig is an 8-channel audio output device designed for running tracks in live performance. Let’s take a look into all of its features and see how it can help you lead worship! 1. Track Rig is inexpensive. With a traditional setup for running tracks, worship leaders use an interface and DI boxes for each output.

How is a rehearsal mix different from a live mix?

Here are a few highlights: Rehearsal Mixes are remixed listening mixes where the individual parts turned up 2-3 times louder than the overall recording so that everyone on your team can really learn all the details of their parts, before rehearsal.

Where can I get a rehearsal mix for free?

Rehearsal Mix is a new website from the team at where we have created custom listening mixes that you can distribute to your team members through our free online scheduler or through our direct integration with Planning Center Online. Here are a few highlights:

How to create rehearsal mixes for your team?

Stream over 4,127,000 mixes created for rehearsal from a growing catalog of over 17,000 songs. Access every part of every song in eight keys and stream the original song – all for one affordable monthly price. Share mixes with your team members in Planning Center, create your own setlists on our site, or in ChartBuilder.

How to add rehearsalmix to your multitracks account?

Subscribe and securely connect your Planning Center account to your account. Import or link people from Planning Center and give them RehearsalMix access. Add mixes to songs and automatically get song data and album art added to a song page. Listen to mixes directly from Planning Center.