How do you use the word retaliate in a sentence?

How do you use the word retaliate in a sentence?

Retaliating sentence example At Greenwich next day he emphasized the necessity of retaliating against foreign tariffs – “I never like being hit without striking back.” Feldman said the Shiite population in Iraq has shown patience of historic proportion in not retaliating against the Sunni attacks.

How do you use holographic in a sentence?

Holographic sentence example

  1. At one point, he created a holographic family for himself, but that didn’t work out.
  2. In later generations, the logo is holographic .
  3. He couldn’t leave the area of his holographic emitters, after all.
  4. Its truly holographic surround sound complements not only your taste but your space.

How do you use uncouth in a sentence?

Uncouth sentence example

  1. He disliked the uncouth style of the Scriptures.
  2. The Latin is frequently as rough and uncouth as that of Lucilius.
  3. Hitherto all Ottoman writing, even the most highly Classical finished, had been somewhat rude and uncouth ; but.

What is an example of retaliate?

Retaliate is defined as to respond to a wrong by returning the wrong with an equally wrong action. An example of to retaliate is for a person to punch someone who has hit him.

What does it mean to retaliate against someone?

To retaliate means to get back at someone, usually through a counterattack. “Ned got hit with a cream pie, then he retaliated by throwing a bucket of Jell-O at his attackers.” When you see the prefix re in a word, it usually means back.

What is a sentence for diagram?

Examples of diagram in a Sentence Noun a diagram of the nervous system This diagram shows how the clock operates. Verb The coach diagrammed the new play on the blackboard. The students were required to diagram a sentence.

What do you call an uncouth person?

uncouth in American English (ʌnˈkuθ ) adjective. Archaic. not known or familiar; strange. awkward; clumsy; ungainly.

What does it mean when someone says you have no couth?

good manners and sophistication
If you say that someone has couth, you mean that they have good manners and sophistication. [US] Benny, you have no couth. uncountable noun. If you describe a person or their behavior as couth, you mean that they are polite and sophisticated.

Is retaliate and revenge?

As verbs the difference between retaliate and revenge is that retaliate is to do something harmful or negative to get revenge for some harm; to fight back or respond in kind to an injury or affront while revenge is (reflexive) to take one’s revenge (on” or ”upon ) someone.