How do you use bilk in a sentence?

How do you use bilk in a sentence?

Bilk in a Sentence ?

  1. If those bullies at school continue to bilk Victor out of his lunch money, his father is going to enroll him in Karate classes.
  2. Be careful with your inheritance because there are a lot of schemes designed to bilk novice investors with claims of easy money.

How do you use abrasive in a sentence?

Abrasive in a Sentence ?

  1. Because of Kurt’s abrasive personality, most people try to avoid him at work.
  2. The clerk was so abrasive to me I walked out the store without making a purchase.
  3. After speaking with the abrasive doctor, I decided to look for a friendlier physician.

How do you use consummate in a sentence?

They consummate the marriage despite her unhappiness. The consummate businessman, Victor has proven time and again that his ruthlessness is unmatched. His music was a tight as ever, he was a consummate professional and entertainer.

How do you use blasphemy in a sentence?

Blasphemy sentence example

  1. He also had committed blasphemy by threatening the uniqueness of God’s presence.
  2. To say that man is precisely what God made him to be is sheer blasphemy .
  3. It was blasphemy against any religion, including pagan religions.

What is the word bilk mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to block the free development of : frustrate fate bilks their hopes. 2a : to cheat out of something valuable : defraud bilking investors out of their life savings. b : to evade payment of or to bilks his creditors.

Why is it called bilking?

– A term originally used in cribbage, meaning “spoil one’s opponent’s score.”

What does it mean to be called abrasive?

adjective. tending to abrade; causing abrasion; abrading. tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive: an abrasive personality.

What’s a fancy word for perfect?

What is another word for perfect?

flawless excellent
exquisite immaculate
impeccable pristine
defectless faultless
intact irreproachable

Is a marriage legal if not consummated?

If a couple does not have sexual intercourse after the wedding, either spouse may file for a divorce or annulment of the marriage. Annulment is the legal process of canceling a marriage. If a state does not allow annulment on the grounds of lack of consummation, a spouse may be entitled to a divorce.

How is the word’bilk’used in a sentence?

This could be no other than an incantation, and bilk stood rooted to the spot, unable to advance or retreat. The whole meeting, in fact, was what is vulgarly called a bilk. We observe that a new planet has been discovered at bilk, in Germany.

What does it mean to bilk a creditor?

To frustrate or disappoint; to deceive or defraud by not fulfilling an obligation; to leave in the lurch. Johnny plans to bilk his creditor. to frustrate or disappoint; to deceive or defraud, by nonfulfillment of engagement; to leave in the lurch; to give the slip to; as, to bilk a creditor bilk, v.t. to elude; to cheat.

How old was Acker Bilk when he died?

The whole meeting, in fact, was what is vulgarly called a bilk. We observe that a new planet has been discovered at bilk, in Germany. Jazz musician Acker Bilk dies JAZZ singer and clarinettist Acker Bilk has died at the age of 85, his manager said yesterday. Find more words! What is another word for bilk? What is the opposite of bilk?

How much money did chase bilk the fans?

‘They are bilking fans out of millions of dollars by releasing the theatrical versions of the films several months in advance of the amazing extended editions.’ ‘Not only had Chase bilked him out of millions of dollars, but to add insult to injury he was now demanding $1 million dollars for the safe return of his daughter.’