How do you stretch your ear lobe piercing?

How do you stretch your ear lobe piercing?

It is best to cut the tape into thin strips to fit all the way around your plug. Add one layer of tape around your plug every couple of days. This helps to slowly stretch your piercing as it slowly increases the overall diameter of the plug with each layer.

Can a piercer stretch your ears?

You can stretch an existing ear piercing into a large-diameter ear piercing. Professional piercings, done with a sterile needle by a piercer, start as small as 18 gauge and can be pierced as large as 0 gauge.

Does stretching your ear lobe hurt?

Stretching your ear safely shouldn’t cause sharp pain or bleeding. These are signs that you’re trying to stretch your ears too quickly.

Can you stretch your ears with attached lobes?

Yes, you can stretch your lobes if they’re attached. Mine are, but stretching minimized the look of attached lobes. Note on terminology: you don’t “get ear gauges,” you stretch your ears. The jewelry is usually a tunnel or a plug.

How do you enlarge a piercing hole?

Simply wrap one layer (or more) of tape around the jewelry and re-insert it into the piercing. You will repeat this method over time, gradually adding more tape and thus increasing the size of the hole.

Can you stretch small earlobes?

Many people wonder to what size they can stretch. This depends on the person. When there is less than 2 mm between the inner edge of your piercing hole and the outer edge of your earlobe is it not advisable stretch any further. This is too risky and may cause you tear your earlobe or get a blow out.

How long should you wait between stretching ears?

6-8 weeks
Before you move on to the next stretch, it’s best to wait for at least a month between stretches but ideally you should wait for 6-8 weeks. The main rule here is the longer you wait between the stretches, the healthier your lobes will remain and the more viable they will be for the bigger gauges.

How long should I leave tapers in before switching to plugs?

Because of the fact that everyone’s body reacts differently, this answer varies. It is recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks in between stretches. This will give your earlobes time to heal up and become a little loose. However, we recommend that you wait 2-6 months between each stretch.

Should I stretch my earlobes?

If there is resistance or pain, you should wait to stretch your ears further. If there is no resistance and it feels comfortable, simply line up the next gauge of tunnels or plugs and push them through.

How big can I stretch my earlobes?

Most people can go between 2g (6mm) – 00g (10mm) and expect their ears to revert back to a normal piercing, after a few months of healing. If you want don’t want stretched ears forever, be sure to stretch slowly and never skip sizes.

What’s the best way to stretch an ear piercing?

Tapering: This is the most common and safest method of stretching most soft tissue piercings, such as ear lobes. A tapered, surgical stainless steel rod is inserted into the piercing.

What can I do about my stretched earlobes?

A plastic surgeon can perform reconstructive surgery known as ear shaping on stretched earlobes. Also known as otoplasty, it is a plastic surgery procedure that provides a new shape for large earlobes or those that have been damaged due to stretching from heavy earrings or as part of an intentional body art modification process.

What does it mean to stretch your ear?

Ear stretching, also known as gauging, has gained popularity in the United States and other Western societies in recent years. In the process of ear stretching, a healed piercing is slowly enlarged using progressively larger pieces of jewelry.

Why are my earlobes stretching at the edges?

There are several reasons that earlobes can stretch to the point of needing repair. An individual may have experienced the natural stretching of their ear piercings over time, due to age, gravity, and weakened tissues from wearing jewelry that pulls at their lobes.