How do you set a Cisco 3850 switch to default?

How do you set a Cisco 3850 switch to default?

Reset the switch to factory defaults:

  1. Erase the existing configuration: write erase.
  2. Reload the switch software: reload. The system reboots and enters the configuration wizard.
  3. In the configuration wizard, enter the basic switch settings:
  4. When prompted, enter the user name and password to log in to the switch.

How do I factory reset a Cisco switch physically?

Step 1. Disconnect all Ethernet cables from the switch. Step 2. Using a pin, press and hold the Reset button on the switch for 15 to 20 seconds.

What is the power consumption of a Cisco 3850 switch?

Cisco WS-C3850 Specs

Power Draw 87.11 W (Active) 86.22 W (Idle) 86.81 W (Standby)
AC Input Power VAC50 / 60 Hz
PoE Power Budget 435 W
PoE per Port 30 W
Power Supply Type Internal

How do I wipe a Cisco 3850?

cisco 3850 factory reset

  1. Initialize flash. Switch: flash_init.
  2. Ignore the startup configuration. Switch: SWITCH_IGNORE_STARTUP_CFG=1.
  3. Boot packages.conf. Switch: boot flash:packages.conf.
  4. Terminate the initial configuration dialog by answering No.
  5. At the switch prompt, enter privileged EXEC mode.
  6. Erase the startup-config.

How do I Reset my Cisco 3560 to factory settings?

First you need to power down the switch. Once the switch is powered off, hold down the mode button, and power the switch on. The switch will boot up and you should see the switch prompt as shown below.

How much does a Cisco 3850 weigh?

Environmental and Physical Specifications

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.73 x 17.5 x 17.5 in. (4.4 x 44.5 x 44.5 cm) (with the FAN FRUs installed but without the power supplies installed)
Catalyst 3850 24-port non-PoE switches 13.1 lb (6.0 kg)
Catalyst 3850 48-port non-PoE switches 14.2 lb (6.5 kg)

What is UPoE Cisco?

A: UPoE, or Universal Power over Ethernet, is a proprietary PoE system offered by Cisco that delivers up to 60 watts of power to end devices. UPoE can support applications such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which is an internet-based hosted desktop service.

How do I reset my Cisco 3850 to factory settings without password?

Power cycle the switch. Immediatly press and hold the Mode button. Hold the button for approximately 12 seconds, the Status LED will go amber. On the console you should be in Boot Loader.

How to reset Cisco 3850 to factory settings?

Step 1 If you are using Cisco IOS XE Release 3.6.0E or later releases, enter the erase startup-config privileged EXEC command to clear the contents of your startup configuration.If you are using an earlier release, you can skip this step. Step 2 Press and hold the Mode button. The switch LEDs begin blinking after about 3 seconds.

Is the Cisco Catalyst 3850 series power supply redundant?

The Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches support dual redundant power supplies. The switch ships with one power supply by default, and the second power supply can be purchased at the time of ordering the switch or at a later time. If only one power supply is installed, it should always be in power supply bay 1.

How long does it take to install Cisco Catalyst 3850?

DC power switches: See the wiring instructions in the Catalyst 3850 Switch Hardware Installation Guide on Observe the POST results. Approximately 30 seconds after the switch powers on, it begins the power-on self-test (POST), which can take up to 5 minutes to complete.

When does a Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch turn green?

Approximately 30 seconds after the switch powers on, it begins the power-on self-test (POST), which can take up to 5 minutes to complete. During POST, the SYSTEM LED blinks green. When POST is complete, the SYSTEM LED turns solid green. The ACTV LED is green if the switch is acting as the active switch.