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How do you edit a SQL query in Spotfire?

How do you edit a SQL query in Spotfire?

From within TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, go to “Edit – Data Connection Properties”….

  1. Open the Data canvas.
  2. Click on the cogwheel found under the red database icon representing the data connection.
  3. Click “Custom Query” and do the necessary changes.
  4. Click the “Verify” button to verify the query is correct.
  5. Click OK.

Does Spotfire use SQL?

SQL Statements can be used inside TERR in several ways. The database is deleted, all automatically behind the scenes, making the database’s existence transparent to the user who only specifies the SQL statement. …

How do I remove duplicates in Spotfire?

Also, starting in Spotfire version 10.1, there is a “Filter Rows” transformation which allows you to remove any duplicates from the data table completely and only retain one row per defined group. This can be accomplished via: Data > Transform data > Transformation: Filter Rows > Insert.

How do you refresh a link in Spotfire?

For TIBCO Spotfire 10.0. 0 and higher: Go to Data > Data Connection Properties > Data Connection Settings > Cache Settings and change the cache expiration time (this will generate new cache) and click OK.

How do I edit a custom query?

Edit Your Custom SQL Query

  1. Open your SQL based Worksheet or Dataset.
  2. [Dataset only] Open your Dataset’s Worksheet tab.
  3. Open the Data Sources tab on the right-hand side of your Worksheet.
  4. Click the ••• to the right of your custom query and choose Edit Source.
  5. Edit your SQL Query.
  6. Click Run to preview your changes.

What is Spotfire database?

The Spotfire database stores the information that Spotfire Server needs to control the Spotfire environment, including users, groups, licenses, preferences, shared analyses, and system configuration data.

How do I copy a table in Spotfire?

If the new data does not match the previously used data, you must specify the data tables and columns to use manually. Tip: You can also use drag-and-drop to copy pages between two open instances of Spotfire. Copies the active visualization so that its set-up can be reused in this or another Spotfire instance.

How do you refresh in Spotfire?

Go to Data > Data Table Properties. In the Data Table Properties window, select the General tab. Now select the checkbox option “Prompt for new settings before loading” option. Then click the “Reload Data” button.

What is Terr Spotfire?

TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) is a high-performance statistical engine that is compatible with open-source R. It is provided in your installation of Spotfire so you can script and run data functions or create predictive models.

How do I edit a custom query in tableau?

To edit a custom SQL query

  1. On the data source page, in the canvas, double-click the custom SQL query in the logical layer.
  2. Hover over the custom SQL table in the physical layer until the arrow displays.
  3. Click the arrow and then select Edit Custom SQL Query.
  4. In the dialog box, edit the custom SQL query.

How to modify the information designer in Spotfire?

Create a duplicate or dummy column element and add it to the information link. Modify the SQL by removing the reference to the dummy column and replacing it with the SQL line of code to concatenate. DONE! While writing this post, I realized there are quite a few secrets to the Information Designer.

How to add new columns to Spotfire data?

•If there are any changes needed to the table columns, joins..etc, the procedure / function code changes can be modified in the database. With the usage of Procedure element, the new columns and modified old columns in the dataset will be automatically loaded into the Spotfire data table via the information links.

How to check for invalid SQL in Spotfire?

• Invalid SQL: Test your SQL in the source database first to make sure it is valid • Join Columns issue: Columns used have been modified or dropped in the source database • For more information about executed SQL queries performed when an information link is executed check the SQL Log file in the Spotfire server

How to create information links in Spotfire 13?

Create Information Links from Elements •Choose the desired Elements, click on Add and order the columns. •Click on OpenData to review the data in Spotfire 13 • This filtering option can be set from the Information Link Tab.