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How do you drink Italian limoncello?

How do you drink Italian limoncello?

In Italy, limoncello is often enjoyed as an aperitif (before a meal) or a digestif (after a meal). Regardless, limoncello is often served chilled (but not over ice) to exalt its flavors. It’s usually served in a shot glass or a small ceramic cup because of its high alcohol content.

What do you drink with limoncello?

The traditional way of drinking limoncello is to serve it well chilled, neat (no ice), in a chilled cordial glass….Limoncello Tall Drinks

  1. Water.
  2. Unsweetened iced tea.
  3. Lemonade.
  4. Club soda or sparkling water.
  5. Cola.
  6. Cranberry juice.
  7. Tropical fruit punch.

What is Fabrizia Limoncello?

Crafted by hand in small batches, our Limoncello is produced with just four simple ingredients: the zest of 100% Sicilian lemons, alcohol, sugar, and water. Gluten-free and all-natural, Fabrizia Limoncello can be enjoyed on its own or added to your favorite cocktail to give it that extra touch of elegance.

What is Fabrizia?

Fabrizia Spirits is a family-owned and managed business that specializes in making limoncello and canned cocktails! We are a citrus spirits market leader in both product quality and sales throughout New England, as well as several other markets across the country. : Our Story.

Where is Fabrizia Limoncello made?

The lemons used in the company’s products are imported from Sicily, Italy. All of the ingredients are natural and made in small batches. In 2015, the company started to make the Italian margaritas instead of throwing away tens of thousands of lemons without using the juice.

Does limoncello settle the stomach?

Typically, we think of digestifs — those complex, often-bitter herbal liqueurs sipped after a meal as a digestive aid — as a cold-weather indulgence. These potent liqueurs settle our stomachs and, once again, warm us up a little bit — two birds, one stone. …

Why is D Amalfi Limoncello Supreme so expensive?

D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme – $44 million As with many of these products the price is mostly due to the bottle which contains three 13 carat diamonds on its neck and a rare 18.5 carat diamond on the front.

What kind of liqueur is in Fabrizia Italian Margarita?

In addition to its flagship Limoncello, Fabrizia Spirits offers ready-to-drink cocktails, including canned and bottled versions of Fabrizia Italian Margarita, canned Fabrizia Italian Style Lemonade and canned Fabrizia Italian Breeze, as well as traditional Italian liqueurs, including Blood Orange liqueur and Crema di Limoncello.

Where can I buy Fabrizia Italian style lemonade?

Fabrizia Italian Breeze is available in four-packs and six-packs in retail locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey, as well as in Fabrizia’s new mixed 12-pack, which also includes Fabrizia Italian Margarita and Fabrizia Italian Style Lemonade. Fabrizia Spirits products are sold in 16 states nationwide.

Who is the leading producer of limoncello in the US?

Salem, NH – Fabrizia Spirits, the leading limoncello producer in the United States, launched a new, ready-to-drink, canned cocktail called Fabrizia Italian Breeze, expanding Fabrizia’s already robust footprint in the ready-to-drink canned cocktail category.

What kind of juice is in an Italian Margarita?

An Italian Margarita is a twist on a standard margarita cocktail made with tequila and fresh lime juice.