How do you do slow motion in Final Cut Pro X?

How do you do slow motion in Final Cut Pro X?

In the Final Cut Pro timeline, select a range, a whole clip, or a group of clips whose speed you want to change. Do one of the following: Apply a preset speed setting: Click the Retime pop-up menu below the viewer and choose Slow or Fast, then choose a speed from the submenu.

Does Final Cut Pro work with GoPro?

Since the H. 264 file format used in camera is not designed for editing, you should convert your files into the GoPro/CineForm file format. This format was specifically designed for editing and is compatible with most popular non-linear editing applications (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, AVID, Vegas, etc.).

Why is my video lagging in final cut?

If you start playback, then Final Cut will skip frames because of that as well. Working with large resolution video requires more system memory and more GPU memory. A shortage of those resources can cause an additional slowdown in processing of each frame.

Is iMovie good for editing GoPro videos?

User-Friendly Interface So reason #1 why iMovie is great for editing GoPro videos is that it has an “approachable interface”. Compared to professional video editing software… it’s MUCH friendlier.

How does slow motion work on a GoPro?

So if your usual frame rate is 30 FPS, then a 1/2 speed slow motion would be 60FPS. When you play back the video, you are seeing the video in normal time, but with a higher frame rate. You need to run the video through a video editor and slow down the footage to see the slow motion.

Why do you use slow motion in Final Cut Pro?

Slowing down clips can be a great way of adding style to your video edits, but can also be used to highlight an action. Final Cut Pro slow motion tools are extensive and offer you a lot of control over your footage speed.

How many frames per second does a GoPro take?

In other words, the camera takes a lot of still frames (60, 120, 240) per second, which appear slow, smooth and more stable when played at a normal speed. GoPro does a pretty good job with slow motion: Hero 5, Hero 6, Hero 7, Hero 8 and Hero 9 can shoot at super slow motion up to 240fps in full HD.

How do you set speed in Final Cut Pro X?

You can also add custom speed settings to your clips, allowing you to have complete control over the speed effects. With your clip selected, click on the Retime pop up menu. Choose Custom… in the list of options or hit Control + Option + R . In the Custom Speed window, you can now choose the new settings for your clip.