How do I show error messages in Delphi?

How do I show error messages in Delphi?

To simply display the system standard error dialog, you can use MessageDlg : MessageDlg(‘Error Message’, mtError, [mbOK], 0); The caption of the window in this case is simply “Error”.

What is a dialog box in Delphi?

The InputBox() function allows you to display a message box that would request a piece of information from the user. The message box is equipped with a text box and two buttons. The edit box accepts a string from the user. After using the dialog box, the user would click OK, press Enter, click Cancel, or press Esc.

What is a message box control?

The MessageBoxAdv is an advanced MessageBox control that can be used to display a message to the end-user. It provides icons, buttons support and complete customization option for the control.

How do you catch exceptions in Delphi?

Note that when you are debugging your code within Delphi, Delphi will trap exceptions even if you have exception handling. You must then click OK on the error dialogue, then hit F9 or the green arrow to continue to your except clause. You can avoid this by changing the debug options.

How do you use message box?

MessageBox is used to provide confirmations of a task being done or to provide warnings before a task is done. Create a Windows Forms app in Visual Studio and add a button on it. Something like this below. Let’s say, you want to show a message on a button click event handler.

What are the 2 types of dialog boxes explain briefly in your own words?

Modal dialog boxes are generally used inside a program, to display messages, and to set program parameters. Modal dialog boxes come to the front of the screen, and you may not use the program while the modal dialog box is open. to continue using the program, the modal dialog box must be closed.

How does the message box work in Delphi?

The default button has a thick border that sets it apart from the other button(s). If the user presses Enter, the message box would behave as if the user had clicked the default button.

What to do when you get an error message in Delphi?

For example, the user may be shown an error message, and be allowed to abort, retry or cancel the erroneous process. You specify these values comma separated in square brackets, as in the second code example. Now Delphi seem to have made a design error when setting the return value from the dialog box.

How to display a topmost System modal message box with Delphi?

Run the “Date and Time Properties” Control Panel applet and change the system time. As soon as you hit the “Ok” button (on the applet) the system modal topmost message box from your inactive application will be displayed. Gajic, Zarko. “How to Display a TopMost System Modal Message Box With Delphi.”

What is the helpcontext value in Delphi basics?

The HelpContext value is used in conjunction with the Help button. It’s use is beyond the scope of Delphi Basics. Download this web site as a Windows program. A confirmation dialog is displayed with OK and Cancel buttons. is displayed in another dialog box. A dialog with no icon is displayed with Yes, Cancel and All buttons.