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How do I report to TDOT?

How do I report to TDOT?

PHONE REPORTING Call the TDOT Integrity Line at 615-253-5305 or Toll Free 1-855-801-0137. When reporting by phone, please provide the following information: nature of the incident. name or names of individuals involved.

What is a TDOT?

TDOT is a multimodal agency with responsibilities in aviation, public transit, waterways, railroads and cycling and walking. TDOT headquarters is located in downtown Nashville.

How do I contact TDOT?

Motorists may dial 1-877-SmartWay to record comments or email [email protected] to send written comments. Those who provide contact information (street address, email, or phone number) will receive a response within seven days.

How do I report a pothole in Nashville?

Pothole Repair To report a pothole for repair, you can fill out a Maintenance Request form, contact the appropriate Region Office or email [email protected] Be sure to note the exact location including the route, mile marker, and any nearby cross streets or interchanges.

Will the city pay for pothole damage?

For some lucky citizens, their city or state government might cover damage from potholes. Common claims from pothole damage include blown tires, flat tires, bent rims, lost hubcaps, and alignment issues. The payments from the city can take up to six months to process and are not always for the full amount.

How do I file a claim for potholes?

Contact your state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to determine its specific procedure for filing a pothole damage claim. Alternatively, contact your city clerk’s office if the damage occurred within the city limits.

Is Tdot performance legit?

TDot Performance is proudly Canadian! We are a leading supplier for performance and OEM auto parts from top industry brands including WeatherTech, K&N, Flowmaster, Maganflow, EBC Brakes and Reese Hitches.

Is Toronto called the dot?

T.O. is a short form of Toronto, Ontario, and is often shortened further to T-dot. THE 416 refers to the original telephone area code for Toronto. 8. THE 6: Toronto rapper Drake’s latest album is titled Views From The 6, believed to be a salute to his hometown’s more popular area codes, 416 and 647.

What does a highway response operator do?

The Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) is committed to minimizing the disruption of normal traffic flow at an incident site. The HERO’s primary responsibility is to expedite the cleanup and removal of any congestion-causing incident that occurs on the interstate system.

How do you call the Tennessee Highway Patrol?

Non emergency Hwy incidents call *847 (*THP) on any cell phone! A trooper will be sent to you as soon as possible. For an emergency call 911!

Does Tennessee pay for pothole damage?

If you’re out driving and hit a pothole, call TDOT and report it immediately. If TDOT doesn’t fix it right away and you or someone else hits it, you will get reimbursed by the state for any and all repairs. Click here to file a pothole claim with the Tennessee Department of Treasury.

Who is responsible for road debris damage?

Usually, the at-fault driver’s insurance covers any property damage or injury claims that arise from the accident. Ideally, the driver’s policy will include collision coverage or uninsured motorist coverage. If so, a road debris accident in which the driver drove over or into an object in the road will be covered.

Who are the TDOT partners in Tennessee Department of Transportation?

Community Relations Public Records Requests Maintenance Request Form TDOT Partners Federal Department of Transportation Tennessee Department of Safety Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation Tennessee Department of Revenue Tennessee Department of TransportationClay Bright

When is TDOT construction in East Tennessee?

Weekly East Tennessee Construction Report for June 10-16, 2021 Roadway Activity Report for TDOT Region 2 (June 10 – 16, 2021) West Tennessee Weekly Construction June 9-16, 2021 TDOT Contractor Reschedules Traffic Modification on Broad Street and Market Street near I-24 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County

Where can I find a TDOT maintenance office?

You can also contact your local TDOT Maintenance office. *Please note: TDOT is responsible for only state-owned roads which are interstates and state routes. Our goal at TDOT is to provide you with the best service possible. To accomplish this goal we must collect as much relevant information as possible concerning your maintenance work request.

When to call TDOT for a work request?

This form should NOT be used to report any kind of Highway EMERGENCY. If this is after business hours and life threating, please contact 911. If it isn’t life threating and after business hours, please contact the Regional Traffic Management Center in the link below You can use the form below to submit a work request for maintenance.