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How do I report a drug dealer in Arizona?

How do I report a drug dealer in Arizona?

Submit the online form below directly to the police department to assist in collecting information about any on going suspected drug activity in your neighborhood. Or if you prefer, you can call the Narcotics Tip Line (623) 930-3353 and use this form as a guide in supplying important information.

How do I report a drug dealer anonymously?

Anyone who wants to report drug activity can contact Crime Stoppers via phone or online. A national tip line is available 24/7, and the program also operates out of local offices. Witnesses to drug crimes can make an anonymous phone call or fill out an online form.

How do I report a drug dealer in Phoenix?


  1. Illegal drug trafficking: submit a Tip online or call your local DEA office.
  2. Report criminals posing as DEA Special Agents, illegal sales/distribution of drugs; suspicious online pharmacies and other drug-distribution-related crimes. 877-RxAbuse (877-792-2873)

What is the police number in Arizona?

Always dial (or text if you can’t call) 911 for emergencies or 602-262-6151 for non-emergency matters. When in doubt, call 911.

Can you make money being an informant?

Usually the best paid informants are the federal informants. These informants can make six-figures per year, but it is all according to performance. However, most federal informants make hardly anything. State and local informants make even less.

Does Arizona have state police?

Arizona, U.S. 7,278,717 (2019 est.) The Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) is a state-level law enforcement agency with a primary function of patrolling and enforcing state laws on Arizona highways.

What is the Silent Witness program in Phoenix AZ?

Silent Witness is a non-profit Metro Phoenix program designed to provide you with an anonymous means of providing police with information on non-drug felony crimes you have witnessed or may have knowledge of.

Who is Silent Witness and what does it do?

Silent Witness is a non-profit program that gives citizens the opportunity to anonymously assist law enforcement. Established in 1979, Silent Witness works in partnership with the community, media and law enforcement, and is a member of both Crime Stoppers USA and Crime Stoppers International.

How to submit a tip to Silent Witness?

Note: Silent Witness is not operated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. To submit a tip to Silent Witness, please call (480)WITNESS – 480.948-6377.

How to contact the police in Phoenix AZ?

Emergency – 911; Non-Emergency – 602-262-6151 ; Online Reporting; Reportes Policiales Electronicos; Information (602) 262-7626; Silent Witness. 480-WITNESS; 1-800-343-TIPS; 480-TESTIGO (en español) Online Tips; Mailing Address . Phoenix Police Department 620 West Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85003