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How do I know if my child has fragile X?

How do I know if my child has fragile X?

Signs and symptoms of Fragile X

  1. long and narrow face.
  2. prominent ears.
  3. poor muscle tone – which can cause crossed eyes or a squint, extra curve in the spine or slack face muscles (particularly in young children)
  4. loose joints (‘double joints’) that move a lot more than usual.
  5. flat feet.

Can a fragile X carrier have symptoms?

A fragile X carrier is someone who has an altered FMR1 gene, but does not show any obvious signs or symptoms of fragile X syndrome. Women who are fragile X carriers have up to a 50 percent chance of having a child with fragile X syndrome.

At what age does fragile X syndrome show up?

At what age are kids usually diagnosed with fragile X syndrome? Boys are usually diagnosed around 35 to 37 months old, and girls around 42 months. You might start to notice symptoms in your child as early as 12 months.

How does fragile X syndrome affect children?

Children and adults with full mutation fragile X may have problems with memory, abstract thinking, problem solving, and planning. Social and behavior problems, difficulty with learning, developmental delays, and autism spectrum disorder are common, as are anxiety and depression.

What is a fragile child?

A child is defined as “medically fragile” when, due to abuse or neglect, illness, congenital disorder or brain injury, he/she requires medications, treatments and/or specialized care or equipment. Some conditions that may qualify a child as medically fragile are: Fetal alcohol syndrome.

What does medically fragile mean?

Students who are medically fragile: 1. Are frequently absent from school, and their absences are directly related to their severe or life threatening physical condition. A medically fragile student is one whose illness frequently places him/her in life threatening situations.

What is the mean of fragile?

1a : easily broken or destroyed a fragile vase fragile bones. b : constitutionally (see constitutionally sense 1a) delicate : lacking in vigor a fragile child. 2 : tenuous, slight fragile hope a fragile coalition.