How do I know how much my mobile home is worth?

How do I know how much my mobile home is worth?

In the United States, the NADA Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide is the “blue book” used to determine the value of mobile homes. Go to your local library and see if there is a copy. Look in the book for your type of manufactured home, and then follow the step-by-step guide for calculating the retail book value.

Are old mobile homes worth anything?

Unlike traditional stick-built homes, mobile homes tend to depreciate in value. The exception being if you are selling the land and the home together. The appreciating value of the land might offset the homes depreciation entirely. Mobile homes are seen less as real estate and more as personal property, such as a car.

Is there a blue book for mobile home values?

The mobile home’s equivalent of the Kelley Blue Book is the NADA manufactured housing appraisal guide. It’s created by the National Appraisal Guide, Inc., a subsidiary of J.D. Power and compiles its information from the wealth of research done by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

Can you move a 1977 mobile home?

Law #3: You’ll Need Your Home To Be Up to Code If your mobile home was built prior to when the HUD codes were enacted in 1976, then you’re probably not going to be allowed to move it. With those standards in place, a mobile home built in the ’70s, ’80s, or even ’90s might not get the pass.

What kind of mobile homes were built in 1985?

Here are just a few. This mobile home built in 1985 is a Brookside model. Open floor plans and cathedral ceilings have been going in and out of popularity since the first home was built. In the 1980’s, open floor plans and cathedral ceilings were very much back in style. This 1985 Brookside double wide has great cathedral ceilings.

How does the price of a mobile home vary?

Mobile homes sell for various prices which are affected by the mobile home itself, the lot, the condition, the park, the community, original manufacturing standards, the size, category, and even whether you’re including furniture in the sale.

What are the interest rates for manufactured housing?

Manufactured housing loans for personal property — homes that are not classified as real estate — are readily available if you have at least five percent down and the home is reasonably new. Interest rates are higher than mortgage rates because loans for movable property are riskier for lenders.

What was the problem with manufactured homes before 1976?

Prior to the 1976 rule, manufactured housing was prone to safety problems like electrical and wiring issues that caused home fires. Fireengineering.com states that “In mobile homes built before 1976, heating and cooking equipment are in close proximity to sleeping areas. This poses dangers to occupants and firefighters.