How do I install SaveParser?

How do I install SaveParser?


  1. simply unzip the downloaded zip file in any folder you want.
  2. open the SaveParser. ini file with an editor:
  3. the libaries EsfLibrary. dll, Filetypes.
  4. Info: Neither any file will be copied to somewhere else except the installation directory nor any registry entries will be set.

How do I edit a .pack file?

When you have added all the files you want to edit, go to ‘choose a pack action’, select ‘change pack type’ and choose mod. This way the game will load these last and use them instead of the original files. Then go to file and ‘save as’. You can then edit the files to your hearts content.

Where are Rome 2 save games?

To find your save files, visit Valve’s View Steam Cloud page in your web browser and sign in with your Steam account. You’ll see a list of games using your Steam Cloud storage. Locate the game in the list (hit Ctrl+F to use the browser’s search)—and click “Show Files” to see all the files for a game.

How do I edit a workshop mod?

What I do is copy the mod from workshop content to a sub-folder my mod folder(eg. mod\Peterbilt389, then unsubscribe from that item in Workshop. You can unzip in your 389 folder, change various bits and pieces and the game will happily run the mod even in it’s expanded folder format.

Where are Warhammer 2 save files?

Total War: Warhammer 2 Game Save Location Click the address bar at the top and paste the following path in: %AppData%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer\save_games. Hit ENTER. Voila! You will now be in your game saves folder.

How do you change save files in total war?

by editing your save file with editSF.

  1. Download EditSF.
  2. Load save file. Load one of your campaign save files you want to edit.
  3. edit turns per year. write number you want.
  4. edit number of unit cards. edit those two.
  5. Play edited save file.

What is a pack file?

The packfile is a single file containing the contents of all the objects that were removed from your filesystem. The index is a file that contains offsets into that packfile so you can quickly seek to a specific object.