How do I get from Dimapur to Kohima?

How do I get from Dimapur to Kohima?

How to Reach

  1. By Air. The nearest Domestic Airport is Dimapur Airport from Kohima city, roughly 74 Kms from Kohima.
  2. By Rail. The nearest Railway station is located in Dimapur, roughly 74 Kms from Kohima.
  3. By Road. There are buses run by the Nagaland State Road Transport which ply between Dimapur and Kohima.

Is Kohima safe?

There are rumours that this place is not safe at all, however once you visit this place you’ll know that the people there are really friendly, broadminded and helpful. Remember that Kohima has no nightlife at all and city completely sleeps after dark. Hence, it is advisable to keep activity in the day time only.

Is Nagaland safe for outsiders?

“Though it’s totally peaceful at the moment and the local rebellion groups have agreed to a ceasefire, Nagaland is safe for outsiders.

What is the famous of Nagaland?

With a whopping number of different tribes and the cultural diversity that they bring, there is little wonder in the fact that Nagaland is famous as the ‘Land of Festivals’. With each tribe practising its own rituals and traditions, Nagaland is a state that has one major festival lined up for all months of a year.

Is Ola available in Dimapur?

Tourist can also hire ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Dimapur.

Are there cannibals in Nagaland?

Head-hunting culture is often considered as primitive and feral, but even against such culture, the Tangkhul-Naga tribe did not practice cannibalism (mikhalatta kashai), making many of them to feel agitated at the thought of them being consumed by the white soldiers (Kora Raimi).

Can Indian go to Nagaland?

In order to visit Nagaland, an Indian tourist requires an Inner Line Permit (ILP). People residing in New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong or Guwahati can also obtain the ILP application form at the Nagaland House office, where it can be duly submitted as well.

Is there snowfall in Kohima?

Infrequent snowfall is a common sight during these months. Coldest months in Kohima would be December, January, and February when frost occurs and in the higher altitudes, snowfall occurs occasionally.