How do I fix my SMBus Controller?

How do I fix my SMBus Controller?

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Select View, choose Devices by Type, and then expand System Devices.
  3. Double-click the SMBus device, and then click the Driver tab.
  4. Click Roll Back Driver to restore the SMBus Controller device driver.
  5. Restart the system.

What is SMBus Controller in Device Manager?

What is SM Bus Controller? SM Bus Controller or System Management Controller is a Chipset on the Motherboard. Its main purpose is to monitor the board’s voltage and temperature.

What is SMBus Controller used for?

SMBus is the System Management Bus used in personal computers and servers for low-speed, system management communications. A SMBus controller is integrated into most Intel® chipsets.

What is AMD SM bus driver?

AMD SMBus Driver is the system management bus driver from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. SMBus controller is a chipset on the motherboard primarily utilised for communication with the power source for ON/OFF instructions. It can also function to monitor temperature, fan or voltage sensors, and clock chips.

How do I update my AMD GPIO controller?

Update AMD GPIO driver

  1. Go to AMD support website, choose your product and click Submit.
  2. Choose the system version on your PC and download the Auto-Detect tool.
  3. Install it and use it to update your AMD drivers.

Where to find drivers for SM bus controller?

Under Device Manager, This “SM Bus Controller” is listed under “Other” with an exclamation point and it’s properties>general states the following: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There is no driver selected for the device information set or element. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Is there a problem with the SM driver?

A Cannot Install this Hardware message might also display. This document pertains to a problem with the driver for the SM Bus Controller. If you are looking for driver downloads, see Obtaining Software and Drivers.

Where to find bus controller in Windows XP?

Windows XP – Click Start, right-click My Computer, click Properties, select the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager. Click the plus sign next to System Devices, and then find the SM Bus Controller entry.

Is there a problem with the HP bus controller?

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Problem with the Driver for SM Bus Controller (Windows) After you upgrade or roll back your operating system, a yellow exclamation point displays next to SM Bus Controllerin Windows Device Manager. A Cannot Install this Hardwaremessage might also display. note: