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How do I filter in Entity Framework?

How do I filter in Entity Framework?

There are two ways to filter include Entity.

  1. Using a projection (See @Eldho answer)
  2. Using a third party library.

What is navigation property in Entity Framework Core?

A Navigation Property is a property that defined on the principal and/or dependent entity that contains a reference to the related entity. Navigation properties describe the relationship between two entity types. They allow us to navigate from one end of the relationship to the other end.

What is the use of navigation properties in Entity Framework?

Navigation properties in the Entity Framework provide a way to navigate an association between two entity types. Every object can have a navigation property for every relationship in which it participates.

What is include in Entity Framework?

The Entity Framework Core (EF) extension method Include provides us the ability to load additional data besides the entities we are querying for. For example: loading products along with their translations.

How do I load entity framework?

To Invoke load method, first we use the DbContext. Entry method is used to gain access to a tracked entity. From the Entry , we can use the Reference or Collection method to get the reference to the navigational property. Then you can call the Load method to get the data from the database.

What is the way of loading data in Entity Framework?

Entity Framework supports three ways to load related data – eager loading, lazy loading and explicit loading.

How do I remove a navigation property in Entity Framework?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete the navigation property in V1 of the Entity Designer. You can open the EDMX file in the XML Editor and manually delete the navigation property from the Entity you want in the section.

Is there filter ” include ” entities in Entity Framework?

Yes, it supports dotnet 5.0 and EF Core 5.0. However, for IncludeFilter, you should also look at the filtered include built-in directly in EF Core 5: Note that it is not currently possible to filter which related entities are loaded.

How are navigation properties used in Entity Framework?

In Entity Framework you commonly use navigation properties to load entities that are related to the returned entity by the defined association. For more information, see Loading Related Objects.

Is there a way to filter the included navigation property?

I guess short answer is you’re right, you can’t do that because Include () eager loads everything of the specified property. Long answer is you can get around it by doing post filtering, i.e., perform filtering on “ListParents” after you grab the data.

How to filter on include in EF Core?

From the original request, note that only one filter allowed per navigation, so for cases where the same navigation needs to be included multiple times (e.g. multiple ThenInclude on the same navigation) apply the filter only once, or apply exactly the same filter for that navigation.