How do I export a regression table from Stata to Word?

How do I export a regression table from Stata to Word?

Highlight the output you want to save, then use the pulldown menu to choose Edit and then Copy as Picture. This is illustrated below. You can then go to Microsoft Word and from its pulldown menu choose Edit then Paste. When you do this, the table you see will probably be quite small.

What is Outreg in Stata?

outreg can arrange the results of Stata estimation commands in tables as they are typically presented in journal articles, rather than as they are presented in the Stata Results window. By default, t statistics appear in parentheses below the coefficient estimates with asterisks for significance levels.

How do you export Stata to CSV?

type smauto2.csv In Excel, you would choose file then open and then for files of type select comma separated file (Excel expects those files to have a . csv extension). You can then click the file and open it in Excel. You can learn more about this by seeing the Stata help file for outsheet.

How do I insert a graph from Stata into Word?

Inserting a Graph into a Word Document Next open the document into which you want to insert the graph using Word. Put the cursor at the desired location. Then click Insert, Picture, From File. Locate the directory where you saved the graph, select it, and click Insert.

What is Estout Stata?

A generic program for making a table from one or more sets of estimation results. estout is the engine behind esttab.

How do I install Outreg?

  1. Pull down Help.
  2. Select STB and User-written Programs.
  3. Click on
  4. Click on stb.
  5. Search for outreg and follow on screen instructions to install.

What are the basic Excel skills?

Below you have the top ten basic Excel skills which anyone who is just starting out with Excel needs to learn.

  • Saving and Opening a Workbook.
  • Managing Worksheets.
  • Formatting Cells.
  • Printing.
  • Excel Functions (Basic)
  • Charts.
  • Sorting Data.
  • Find and Replace Option.

What is advantage of MS Excel?

Easy data entry and operations: One of the main advantages of MS excel is that it facilitates smooth and easy data entry. Compared to any other data entry and analyzing tools, MS Excel offers features like Ribbon interface, a set of commands used to perform certain operations.

Is there a way to export Stata results to excel?

The putexcel command exports Stata results to an Excel file. You can easily export a matrix or a table of estimation results. putexcel is also great for exporting multiple sets of results because you can format entire rows and columns, and loop over them.

Is there a way to transfer a Stata table to another application?

Another way to transfer your table to another application is to export the table as a text file or as a dataset using a community-contributed Stata command. There are several community-contributed commands for exporting tables from Stata, such as outreg2. Use the search command to search the Internet for community-contributed commands.

Is there a way to export regression output to excel?

Last edited by William Lisowski; 11 Feb 2019, 11:06 . You have asked about exporting regression output to Excel, still, I would mention asdoc here that can export regression outputs in a variety of formats and variations.

Is it possible to copy paste tables in Stata?

It is possible to copy-paste the tables if the number of output files is not big, but that’s not the case for me. Obviously running this as a loop will make more sense, and you may want to add the replace option to the first use of outreg2.