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How do I expand my project explorer in eclipse?

How do I expand my project explorer in eclipse?

Expand all all in project explorer is Shift + Numpad * (multiplty), as mentioned before. Collapse all in project explorer is Ctrl + Shift + Numpad – (subtract). Alternatively, you can just jam on the right arrow to expand to the bottom of a selected tree, or jam on the left arrow to collapse back up to the top.

How do I expand all methods in eclipse?

15 Answers. There is a hotkey, mapped by default to Ctrl + Shift + NUM_KEYPAD_DIVIDE . You can change it to something else via Window -> Preferences, search for “Keys”, then for “Collapse All”. To open all code blocks the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + NUM_KEYPAD_MULTIPLY .

How do I change the view of Project Explorer in Eclipse?

In Eclipse, if the Project Explorer pane is not already open, click the Show View icon in the lower left corner of Eclipse, then click Project Explorer. In the Project Explorer pane, right-click your project name, then click Properties.

How do I reopen Package Explorer in Eclipse?

To view the project explorer, click on Window menu then, click on Show View and select Project Explorer. There is simpler way to open project explorer, when you are in the editor press alt + shift + w and select project explorer.

How do I pin a project explorer in eclipse?

  1. Please Select window in tool bar.
  2. Move to show view.
  3. Select project explorer.

What is the difference between Project Explorer and Package Explorer in Eclipse?

The Package Explorer is specifically for Java projects, that’s why it has stuff like refactoring in its context menus. The Package Explorer also shows Java classes and packages (as the name implies), while the Project Explorer shows folders and . java files.

How do you navigate a call in eclipse?

2 Answers. You can try Ctrl+Shift+G which is a equivalent to find references. or Ctrl+Alt+H which brings up call hierarchy.

How do I fix project Explorer in Eclipse?

  1. Window -> Perspective -> Reset.
  2. Reset the IDE.
  3. Window -> Show View -> Project Explorer.

What is the difference between project Explorer and Package Explorer in Eclipse?

How do I restore default view in Eclipse?

To restore the default preferences for Eclipse-Based UI, follow these steps:

  1. Click Window, then Preferences. The Preferences dialog opens.
  2. Click Team, then select. CA Endevor.
  3. Click Restore Defaults and then click OK. The selected preferences settings are restored to their default settings.

What is Project Explorer in Eclipse?

The Eclipse Project Explorer adapter identifies workspace resources in Eclipse as traceable artifacts. It also provides access to various properties of these resources.