How do I contact Song Pop?

How do I contact Song Pop?

send an email to [email protected], we will help!

Are there bots on SongPop 2?

100% the bots are among us to help stack the odds against real players and to increase scores and thereby force the use of powerups & tickets to try and win.

How does Song Pop 2 work?

SongPop 2 is a digital name that tune game that challenges players to pick the name of a song or the artist singing it. When you choose an opponent you’ll go through five songs with the computer or with an opponent. The faster you pick the more points you get, but if you guess wrong you don’t get any points.

Is SongPop shutting down?

SongPop 1 was shut down in November 2018, due to compatibility issues with iOS 12, with users being advised to move over to SongPop 2. A fourth game and spin-off, SongPop Party, was released on April 2, 2021, as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service….

Genre(s) Music trivia game

How do you play SongPop?

  1. Opening the game- Tap the SongPop icon to open the game.
  2. Signing in- You will have the option to sign in via Facebook or with an email address or log in if you already have an account.
  3. Challenges- You will be given playlists to choose from and people to challenge (either random players of Facebook friends).

Are Song Quiz opponents Real?

The most addicting Alexa game out there. You don’t play against people in real time, your answers are saved and then someone plays against your saved answers (I know because I’ve ended up playing myself in a 1-person game).

What happens when you block someone on SongPop?

– Blocking: Blocking another user will hide the involved users from each other and prevent any interaction between them.

How much does Song Pop 2 cost?

Top In-App Purchases

Title Price
VIP Monthly Subscription $4.99
Small Coins Pack $0.99
Daily Bonus Revive $0.99
Small Tickets Pack $0.99

Can you play song POP 2 with friends?

Guess the correct artist and song title faster than everyone else to win! Challenge Your Friends with Musical Trivia! We offer different ways of playing this trivia game. In Party mode, you compete against hundreds of players in daily multiplayer tournaments in SongPop 2.

What happened to SongPop?

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and want to inform you that SongPop 1 on PC and iOS devices running iOS 12 will no longer work. This is due to SongPop 1 being outdated and being incompatible with the newest changes on both platforms.

What is SongPop live?

SongPop Live combines the core gameplay of SongPop’s music trivia with host-lead player interaction and real-world cash prizes, where players come together to show off their musical knowledge and compete for a share of the game’s cash prize. With SongPop Live, the best of the best will be rewarded!”