How do I contact EAAB?

How do I contact EAAB?

If the complainant has not heard from the EAAB within that period the call centre should be telephonically contacted on 087 285 3222 to establish progress.

When should I renew my FFC?

All registered estate agents are required to renew their FFC every year, for the succeeding year, by paying the renewal fee, unless they have advised the board by no later than 31 October of that year, that they have ceased to operate as an estate agent (S4(1)).

How many CPD points do I need EAAB?

The EAAB has, therefore, determined that estate agents will initially be required to complete 60 CPD points over the rolling three year cycle by way of 20 CPD points per annum, with one point equating to one hour of approved CPD activities.

Who needs to register with EAAB?

Only persons that intend to perform the activities of an estate agent as indicated in the definition of an estate agent in section 1(vi) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976 should register on this Portal and proceed with the application for registration as an estate agent.

Where do I complain about an estate agent?

Complain Via The Property Ombudsman (TPO) To make a complaint via The Property Ombudsman, you must first contact the estate agent directly and wait up to eight weeks for a reply. If the reply is insufficient or if they didn’t reply at all, you can contact the Ombudsman either by telephone, email or letter.

How do I get an FFC certificate?

Applying for a Fidelity Fund Certificate

  1. The firm’s opening (in the case of new firms) or year-end trust audit report must be approved by the law society to which the firm belongs.
  2. The practitioner applying for the FFC must have satisfied the practice management training (PMT) requirements.

What is a FFC certificate?

In terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, an estate agent must have a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) in order to receive any payment or commission arising from his or her duties as an estate agent. The purpose of the requirement for an estate agent to have an FFC is to ensure that the public is not misled.

What are the 4 main provisions of the Estate Agency Affairs Act?

The Estate Agency Affairs Act: To provide for the establishment of an Estate Agency Affairs Board and an Estate Agents Fidelity Fund; for the control of certain activities of estate agents in the public interest; and for incidental matters.

What is the purpose of the Eaab code of conduct?

The EAAB is empowered by law (Act 112 of 1976) to protect consumers against unscrupulous estate agents and those agents who generally do not follow the code of conduct.

Why is there a code of conduct for estate agents?

Estate agents have according to the Code of Conduct a general duty to protect the public’s interest. The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) is empowered by law (Act 112 of 1976) to protect consumers against unscrupulous estate agents and those agents who generally do not follow the Code of Conduct.

How do you know if a letting agency is legit?

Always view properties with the agent before you sign anything or hand over any cash. This is the only way you can check that the property is actually theirs to let and see what it’s like for yourself. If they ask you to pay a fee before letting you see it, you know something’s up.

Where can I get a Texas TBAE renewal form?

See our web site at for more information. EMERITUS AND INACTIVE REGISTRANTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SUBMIT FINGERPRINTS. Choose and print the renewal form that matches your current registration status.

Can a person still register with the EAAB?

Persons previously registered with the EAAB, whether there are still registered, left the estate agency industry voluntarily or were deregistered by the EAAB for not renewing for three consecutive years, should not complete the form below but should instead log in on the right or validate themselves as estate agencies without login details.

When is the deadline for renewal of the EAAB?

Because the current mandate of EAAB Members will expire in autumn 2018, new nominations or confirmation of renewals from all members are called for until 15 September 2018. Please click here to read the call for nominations.

What do estate agents need to know about EAAB?

In order to assist estate agents in understanding the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB’s) application of fees and penalties, as well as various associated issues, the EAAB requests estate agents to take note of the following communication.