How do I connect my radio thermostat?

How do I connect my radio thermostat?

  1. Connect to the thermostat’s network. (
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Type in
  4. Select “Scan for Wireless Networks”.
  5. Select your home network.
  6. Enter in your password for your security.
  7. Select NEXT.
  8. Enter the 5 digit provisioning pin (located on the top left corner of the screen).

How do I unlock my radio thermostat?

To UNLOCK , Press MENU. Touch and hold icon for 5 seconds for 2 bars (if not there already). Then touch and hold the icon for another 5 seconds. Each 5 second touch and hold must be separate.

How do I reset my iris thermostat?

The next step is to perform a factory reset on the thermostat. Press Menu, then with one finger press and hold the middle of the thermostat screen. When the arrows appear, press the down arrow once. After the countdown is complete the thermostat will reset and you can restart the connection process from the beginning.

How do I program my radio thermostat CT50?

To program or adjust your CT50, simply touch your finger firmly to the screen. The screen will automatically light up and you will hear a “beep.” The screen will respond differently to different types of touches, so you may want to experiment by touching it different ways, finger, fingernail, etc.

What temperature should I set my thermostat in summer?

78 degrees Fahrenheit
For summer, the ideal thermostat temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home. also suggests raising your thermostat or turning it off entirely when you are away in the summer because why cool an empty house?

Why is my thermostat in delay mode?

A delay is used to protect your heating and cooling equipment from coming on too quickly (known as short cycling), which can cause damage. The thermostat has a built-in compressor protection (minimum off timer) that prevents the compressor from restarting too early after a shutdown.

How do I exclude a Z wave device?

How to exclude Z-Wave devices

  1. From the Home screen, select Menu ( ) and touch Devices.
  2. Select More Options ( ) and touch Edit.
  3. Select the device and touch Delete device.
  4. Touch Delete to confirm.
  5. The app will prompt you to perform a Z-Wave exclusion on the device.

How do you reset a ct100 thermostat?

Reset to factory default Switch the thermostat to Off Mode. Press and hold the lower left corner of touch screen for five (5) seconds. The thermostat then resets itself, displays its current firmware version, and restarts in Off Mode.