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How do I change my Magnus password?

How do I change my Magnus password?

Log into Magnus, using the same credentials as your Veracross Parent Portal login. Once Logged in, hover over your name (top left screen). Choose” Change Credentials” and create a username and password.

How do I upload to Magnus health?

Asked for Login Credentials on Magnus Portal You should be automatically logged into the Magnus Health portal after clicking on “Submit Documents.” If you are asked for a username and password, close out of the tab, log out of your ACES account, log back in, and click on “Submit Documents” again.

How to secure login to Magnus health parents?

Secure login for Magnus Health parents, students, and school administrators. Enter your username and password to access your secure Magnus Health account. Magnus Health Requires JavaScript to run properly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to use this site correctly. {{env}} site | Demonstration only

How does Magnus health protect your health information?

As Magnus employees, we manage our own health information online, so when we say we protect your information as if it’s our own, we mean it. User authentication and tracking, data tracking, and military level security ensure only authorized users have access to confidential information.

How can I access my Magnus medical record?

Treatment and injury notes can be accessed real-time online or via the Magnus mobile app, helping athletic staff to care for student-athletes. Simple online form submission ensures higher compliance for schools, while automated email reminders keep parents up-to-date on approaching deadlines.

How does Magnus work with the SIS system?

The Magnus solution is set to seamlessly integrate with your current SIS system, and your student and parent information automatically syncs with Magnus. Authorized staff can quickly access vital health information on a secure mobile app in case of an emergency in the classroom, on a field trip, and during a sporting event.