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How do I access virtual counselors?

How do I access virtual counselors?

It’s accessible by logging onto the District’s web site ( After a few simple clicks, parents can access grades, attendance records, test scores, class ranks and much more. To view a demo of Virtual Counselor and get a user ID and password, please visit:

What is the password for virtual counselor?

“Password or Birth date”: Type in birth date. It must be in the following format: MM/DD/4 digit year.

Is Broward County school Virtual?

BVS serves as Broward County’s virtual instruction program and satisfies the requirements outlined in Florida Statute 1002.45. Full-time BVS students are registered as public school students, take part in Florida Standards Assessments and other District tests, and may earn a Broward County high school diploma.

Is Broward Virtual school free?

As a public school, enrollment at BVS is free to Broward County residents. Who teaches the online courses at BVS?

What is a virtual counselor?

As a virtual counselor, your responsibilities are to provide remote support for your clients in a specialized field, such as academic advice, legal guidance, or emotional therapy. Some virtual counselors work from home, while other professionals provide remote guidance from an office or care facility.

What is the meaning of online Counselling?

Online counseling is the provision of professional mental health counseling services through the Internet. Online counselling is also referred as an e-therapy, cyber therapy, or web counselling. Services are typically offered via email, real-time chat, and video conferencing.

How do I change my virtual counselor password?

How do I get my Password reset or changed? For Brio, Virtual Counselor, and Web Queries userids go to Virtual Counselor and click on your login type. Just click the link that says you can change your password. The system will prompt you to change your password every 60 days.

Is Florida doing virtual school?

Record enrollment continues in Florida Virtual Schools for 2021-22 school year. TAMPA, Fla. While every school in Florida is open for in-person learning, the virtual school remains an option for students either through the state program, a charter school, or a district developed program.

What is the difference between Broward Virtual School and Florida Virtual School?

A successful online learner is a motivated self-starter and is committed to the success of his or her education. While BVS offers world-class educational opportunities, there is a high degree of accountability placed upon the student. BVS is not an alternative school or drop out prevention program.

What is the difference between Flvs and BVS?

BVS is a franchise of FLVS, therefore we offer almost all of the same courses as FLVS. If a student is interested in a FLVS course we do not offer, it can be taken with FLVS. Both BVS and FLVS use the same platform, so the student would still have one log in.

Where can I find virtual counselor in Broward County?

View your child’s schedule and test scores through Broward County’s Virtual Counselor program

Can a part time student go to Broward Virtual School?

Broward Virtual School (BVS) offers full-time enrollment to students in grades K-12 through an Online educational delivery system. Home educated students in grades 6-12 may enroll part-time

Which is the first virtual school in Florida?

Home educated students in grades 6-12 may enroll part-time as well. BVS was the first and only district virtual school to be rated as an “A” school by the Florida Department of Education in 2010. BVS offers equitable access to high quality,