How deep is the Swan River at Blackwall Reach?

How deep is the Swan River at Blackwall Reach?

Adjacent to Point Walter on the eastern bank of the Swan and just downstream from Mosman Bay is Blackwall Reach. Another popular mooring site that offers less protection from the southerlies for boats but provides deep water reaching 18 metres.

How deep is the deepest part of the Swan River?

about 21m
The deepest point of the Swan River is about 21m near Mosman Bay. This is a popular scuba diving spot.

Is it safe to swim in Swan River Perth?

However, water quality is generally safe for swimming. Poor or Very Poor: Bacterial water quality is often unsatisfactory for swimming. Avoid swimming at this location.

How many people have been attacked by sharks in the Swan River?

It is understood there have been just four recorded shark attacks in the Swan River, the most recent in 1973 — some 48 years ago. The most recent death was in 1923.

Are there sharks in the Swan River Perth?

“The bull sharks in the Swan River are almost all juveniles, usually less than one metre in length and present very little threat to humans. “At that size, those sharks are generally much more afraid of people than people should be of them. “It is very rare that a large individual is found in the river.”

Are there sharks in the river?

They are found in rivers all over the world. They give birth in the fresh water of rivers. Because the majority of sharks are only able to survive in salt water, the bull shark has evolved to have their offspring in the fresh water where other sharks cannot enter.

Why is it so cold in Perth?

The cold temperatures were largely driven by a mass of Antarctic air. Rainfall has been 32 per cent below average for the entire state. Despite a dry June, overall rainfall figures for the year look healthy.

How tall is the Blackwall Reach in Perth?

Blackwall Reach. Getting lost is the easiest way to have fun! Blackwall Reach is a 500m stretch of cliffs situated near Point Walter on the lower Swan River in Bicton, just ten minutes from Fremantle. The cliffs reach up to 11 metres above water whilst plunging to depths of 25 metres below the salt water surface.

Where are the Blackwall cliffs in Western Australia?

Blackwall Reach east shore cliffs viewed from the north, from Freshwater Bay, Claremont. Blackwall Reach east shore cliffs viewed from the west. Blackwall Reach ( Jenalup in Noongar) is a section of the Swan River in Western Australia .

What to do in the Blackwall Reach area?

The Point Walter/Blackwall Reach area is situated at the top end of a tidal gorge that stretches down to the ocean. This unique area comprises of a mixture of sandy embayments and eroded limestone habitat. The Point Walter sand spit is an important site for waterbirds using the Swan River, particularly for feeding and resting.

How big is Blackwall Reach reserve in Melville?

Blackwall Reach Reserve, and Point Walter Bushland both comprise parts of Point Walter Reserve gazetted for recreation. It is approximately 20 hectares in size. The reserve is vested in the City of Melville. Blackwall Reach Reserve is bounded by Honour Avenue along its eastern boundary fairway, and the Swan River along its western boundary.