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How can you find out if someone is a Purple Heart recipient?

How can you find out if someone is a Purple Heart recipient?

You can access the Center by going to their website at www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center, you can also reach NPRC by mail at National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records: 1 Archives Drive, St Louis, MO 63138 or by phone at 314-801-0800, Fax 514-801-9195.

How many Purple Hearts have been awarded in Vietnam?

eight Purple Hearts
Three brave Soldiers earned eight Purple Hearts each during their service in the Vietnam War—Medal of Honor Recipients Joe Ronnie Hooper and Robert L. Howard and Special Forces Soldier Billy Waugh.

How many Purple Heart recipients are there?

Purple Heart
Total recipients over 2,000,000 (including eligible casualties in World War I who may not have been awarded the Purple Heart)
Website media.defense.gov
Service ribbon

Is it illegal to sell a Purple Heart medal?

Currently, only the Medal of Honor is exempt from resale. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, anyone caught buying or selling a Medal of Honor can face fines and up a year in prison. Under federal law, anyone outside the military caught doing so can be slapped with fines of up to $100,000 and a year in jail.

Is a Purple Heart worth anything?

They are sold for about $30 at a military base, and even though they are only meant for recipients looking for a replacement, often the sellers don’t ask for proof of eligibility.

Who is the only president to receive a Purple Heart?

John Kennedy
One U.S. president Navy veteran John Kennedy is the only U.S. president to have received a Purple Heart, after he sustained a back injury when a Japanese destroyer sunk his patrol torpedo boat near the Solomon Islands during World War II.

Who are the recipients of the Purple Heart?

English: This is a list of media about people who have been recipients of the United States military decoration, the Purple Heart medal, for being wounded in combat. This category has the following 200 subcategories, out of 911 total.

Is the Purple Heart roll of Honor voluntary?

Please note, if you did not receive a search result for the person you entered, this likely means that the person has not been enrolled in the Roll of Honor. Enrollment is voluntary as there is no comprehensive list of Purple Heart recipients in existence.

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