How can I prepay my home loan in Axis Bank Online?

How can I prepay my home loan in Axis Bank Online?

  1. Click on ‘Make payments’ >> Loan Repayment >>Select ‘Axis bank’ >> Other Bank Net banking ->Enter the loan details.
  2. The amount will be credited to your loan account within 3 working days.
  3. To pay your dues via any other bank account simply click here.

Can I prepayment home loan?

All home loan borrowers are eligible for pre closure, as long as their bank offers this facility. You can ensure that you have the option of prepayment of home loan at the time of taking the loan. Most banks do not encourage prepayment as it causes a loss to them.

How can I check my Axis Bank home loan details online?

How do I keep track of my Axis Bank Home Loan? For example, how do I get my statements, repayment schedule and interest certificate?

  1. Download the Axis Mobile Application or log onto Internet Banking to get access to all account details pertaining to the loan.
  2. SMS MBANK to 5676782 to download the Axis Mobile App.

How can I check my Axis Bank home loan disbursement status?

How to Check Axis Bank Home Loan Status via Mobile App

  1. App Store for Apple devices.
  2. Google Play Store for Android devices.
  3. SMS the code MBANK to the number 5676782 to get the link.
  4. Give a missed call to the toll-free number 18004190231 from your registered mobile number to get the link.

How to calculate EMI for Axis Bank home loan?

Use Axis Bank’s Home Loan EMI calculator to plan the tenure and repayment structure for your loan. Simply key in the amount, rate and tenure for which the home loan is sought, the Home Loan EMI Calculator will automatically reflect the EMIs applicable for the loan tenure.

Which is the best calculator for Axis Bank?

Axis Bank provides a range of calculators from Loans to Deposits. From calculating your Personal Loan EMI, to checking your Home Loan affordability, Axis Bank gives you a whole set of calculators to help you make your informed decision.

Can you make part prepayment on Axis Bank home loan?

Yes, you can make a part prepayment towards your Home Loan at your nearest Axis Bank Loan Center. If all borrowers are individuals and on a floating interest rate, no charge will be applicable. Can I request to increase/decrease my monthly instalment amount / loan tenure after the loan disbursement?

How can I foreclose on my Axis Bank home loan?

You can visit us in person at your nearest Axis Bank Loan Center along with an original and self-attested copy of your new address proof and photo identity. By using Axis Mobile App > Menu > Insta Services. How do I foreclose my Home Loan?