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How can I complain to cyber cell in Kerala?

How can I complain to cyber cell in Kerala?

Apply In-Person: Go to the cyber-crime cell near you. If you are not in access of cyber-crime cell then reach the nearest police station. Victim can record “zero FIR” through a policeman and then the complaint will be forwarded to the local nearest police station to file the complaint.

Who is the head of cyber cell in Kerala?

Sujith Nair – Cyber Crime Enquiary Cell – Kerala Police | LinkedIn.

What are three examples of cybercrime?

Here are some specific examples of the different types of cybercrime:

  • Email and internet fraud.
  • Identity fraud (where personal information is stolen and used).
  • Theft of financial or card payment data.
  • Theft and sale of corporate data.
  • Cyberextortion (demanding money to prevent a threatened attack).

What is the qualification for cyber cell in Kerala?

Should have passed Graduation from any recognized university. Age Criteria is between 20 to 27 years. There is relaxation for SC/ST candidates of 5 years. For OBC , 3 years of relaxation.

Who is Kerala Police cyber Tom nodal officer?

Explanation: Sujith Nair – Cyber Crime Enquiary Cell – Kerala Police | LinkedIn.

Who commits cyber crime?

Who Are They? Most cyber crimes are committed by individuals or small groups. However, large organized crime groups also take advantage of the Internet. These “professional” criminals find new ways to commit old crimes, treating cyber crime like a business and forming global criminal communities.

What are the qualification for cyber crime?

Cybercrime Officer Essential Information

Required Education High school diploma; associate’s or bachelor’s degree
Other Requirements Computer skills
Projected Job Growth (2016-2026)* 28% for information security analysts, 7% for police and detectives, 11% for private detectives and investigators

How do I file a cyber case?

You need to file a written complaint with the cyber crime cell of any jurisdiction. In the written complaint, you need to provide your name, contact details, and address for mailing. You need to address the written complaint to the Head of the cyber crime Cell of the city where you are filing the cyber crime complaint.

How much does cyber security earn in India?

Cyber Security Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Information Security Analyst Range:₹254k – ₹1m Average:₹537,900
Cyber Security Analyst Range:₹303k – ₹1m Average:₹585,558
Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) Range:₹348k – ₹2m Average:₹868,299
Ethical Hacker Range:₹131k – ₹3m Average:₹506,187

How do I join cyber dome?

Individual Association with Cyberdome

  1. All nominations will be scrutinized and based on their professional competency, unblemished background and domain knowledge they will be placed as online officers of Cyberdome.
  2. They will be given ID Cards/Stars/ Ranks based on their contributions to the Cyberdome.

Is there a cyber crime cell in Kerala?

Cyber Cell. Hi-Tech Crime Enquiry Cell (HTCEC), as a part of Kerala Police, is formed as an official set up for handling Cyber Crimes and other techno based crimes in Kerala.

Where is the Cyber Cell Thrissur city located?

Cyber Cell, Thrissur City is situated at Office of the District Police Chief, Thrissur City, Thrissur adjacent to the Chamber of District Police Chief, Thrissur City. Now the Cell is being supervised by ACP, DCRB, Thrissur City. Petitions regarding any Cyber offence can be submitted to ACP, DCRB, Thrissur City.

How to report online anomalies in Kerala Police?

If you come across any kind of online anomalies, you can report to us through this page / any one of the following social media feeds / email . Your credentials and the information provided by you will be kept secret (if you want, you can submit report anonymously also).

Who is the SHO of cyber crime police station?

The SHO of Cyber PS is an officer of the rank of DySP and is supervised by SP Crimes under the overall command of ADGP Crimes. The Station House Officer, Cyber Police Station is empowered to register FIRs, conduct investigation and lay final reports before the Court.