How can I check my Iqama name?

How can I check my Iqama name?

Check Kafeel name with Iqama Number on MOI

  1. Click here to log in to the MOI Absher account.
  2. At the top right click on “My Dashboard”
  3. On the left side click on “More Details” under your personal information.
  4. That’s it, “look at your Sponsor/Kafeel Name” and Sponsor ID below “Personal Information”

How I can check my Iqama expiry date?

Check Iqama Expiry Date Online You can check Iqama validity via the Absher website, the Absher app, or the Ministry of Labor’s website (MOL KSA). If you are already registered with Absher, you can check your iqama status via the Absher website.

How do you check Iqama is issued or not?

How To Check Iqama Issued or not By The Sponsor

  1. Go to the ministry of labor website-https://www.mol.gov.sa/Services/Inquiry/
  2. Enter the border number in the first column.
  3. Enter number code then click ok.

What is Iqama in KSA?

Issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Iqama is a national residency permit or an Saudi work visa, meant for expats living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It accounts for a person’s presence in the country, the type of work they do and the employer’s details.

How can I know my Kafeel name?

Visit MOL Portal ( Ministry Of Labor Saudi Arabia) To Check Kafeel Name And ID. Another way to find the kafeel name and id is by visiting the mol portal (mol.gov.sa). Enter your iqama number and name. The portal will tell you about the sponsor’s name and ID.

How long does Iqama process take?

1-3 weeks
The Iqama normally takes 1-3 weeks to be issued. The employee should carry the Iqama with them at all times as it proves they have the legal right to live and work in Saudi Arabia. The employee can be fined if the Iqama is lost and not reported lost, or if it expires before renewal.

What is Iqama English?

Iqama is used to manage foreign hires in KSA. An iqama, or a residence permit issued to expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an employment visa.

What is iqama English?

How much is iqama in Saudi?

What is the Iqama renewal fees in Saudi Arabia? If company holds 50% or more than of saudi employees then iqama renewal fees structure for that is as follows : Work permit fee is 700 SR per month and 8400 per annum. The Ministry of Interior KSA iqama fee is 650 SR.

Is there a way to check your iqama number online?

People often ask if there is a way to check Iqama number online with your name or passport number. Well, as per my information, there is no way you can check your Iqama number by just entering your name or the passport number. However, you can check if your work permit is issued through your passport number.

Is the iqama number and name written in Arabic?

If you cannot read the Iqama ID written in Arabic, don’t worry as we have your Iqama number and name printed in English for you in the same format as Arabic. It is normally written on the left bottom corner of the card. For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram channel.

How to check iqama funds with passport number?

Check Iqama Funds with Visa or passport number. You can check Iqama funds on the page of validation. You need to visit Saudi Arabia official site and write details. It will show all the Funds on that page.

How to change name on iqama and driving license?

Recommended: Procedure to change Name on Iqama and Driving License The third line on your Iqama is your Iqama number or ID written in Arabic digits just below the name written in Arabic. If you analyze the Iqama number format, it is a 10-digits number.