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How bad are Australian detention Centres?

How bad are Australian detention Centres?

4.9 Detention is a dangerous place From January 2013 to March 2014 there were numerous assaults and self-harm incidents in detention centres in Australia where children are held. They include: 57 serious assaults. 233 assaults involving children.

What are the conditions like in detention Centres?

The prison environment: The environment is heavily marked. All the detainees speak of the centre like of a prison. There is a lot of guards. The environment is similar to the one of a prison: barbed wire, videocameras, and sanction measures that may entail being locked in an isolation cell.

What type of people go to detention Centres?

Immigration detention centres (IDC) These facilities are used to detain people who have overstayed their visa, or who are in breach of their visa conditions or who have come to Australia without a valid visa.

Where are Australian detention Centres located?

List of Australian immigration detention facilities

Australian government immigration detention centres in Australia and offshore
Facility Status Location
Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre Closed Woomera, South Australia
Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Operational Northam, Western Australia

Why are people placed in detention facilities?

Thousands of people are held in administrative detention centres and closed camps around the world with: Conditions falling below international human rights standards. Restrictions on access to asylum for people who need protection from serious human rights abuses, and.

Why do people go to detention center?

Who runs detention Centres in Australia?

Most facilities were operated by Australasian Correctional Management (a subsidiary of G4S) under contract from the Department of Immigration until 2003, when ACM exited the market. Between 2003 and 2009, G4S was appointed as the contractor to manage a large number of facilities.

Is there a fence around the Inverbrackie Detention Centre?

SBS has had a rare glimpse inside Inverbrackie detention centre. Main street through the Inverbrackie facility. The Department of Immigration says security measures are designed to be unobtrusive, with a domestic boundary fence and regular security patrols.

Which is the only detention facility where detainees can do their own cooking?

Food stuffs stored outside on a verandah while a resident inside drinks tea. Inverbrackie is the only detention facility where detainees can do their own cooking. (Karen Ashford, SBS) A kitchen in a typical Inverbrackie house. Houses are shared by two or three families. (Karen Ashford, SBS) An average bedroom.

Why are there so many children in detention in Australia?

While they feel safe from the physical harms they escaped in their home countries, they describe detention as ‘prison-like’, ‘depressing’ and ‘crazy-making’. The majority of children in detention centres travelled to Australia by boat without a visa. They came from over 20 different countries, the largest group being born in Iran.

How many children are in detention on Nauru?

A further 179 children were detained on Nauru. This report gives voice to these 1068 children. It describes their circumstances and the impacts that detention has had on their lives and on the lives of their parents.