How are clothing labels, woven custom clothing tags manufacturers?

How are clothing labels, woven custom clothing tags manufacturers?

Our custom woven clothing labels are made to your specifications including logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric. We offer professional services, quick turn-around, low prices, and very low minimums with NO SETUP FEE on every label order. You’ve put a lot of work and thought into creating the best products for your clients.

How many custom clothing labels do you need?

With a minimum purchase of just 10 iron-on personalized clothing labels, we’re the economical solution for all your custom label needs, both large and small. Our labels are a great accent to all your creative projects, especially for custom clothing lines. We offer a huge variety of traditional and contemporary custom clothing labels.

What kind of labels do you put on clothes?

Tag Mates Stick-On Clothing Name Labels are the easiest way to ensure your kid’s gym clothes, sweaters and spare clothing come home from school. Tag Mates are peel-and-stick labels that are so simple to use. Just peel the label and stick onto any clothing tag. Smooth out the bubbles are you’re good to go!

How are clothing labels used to identify the owner?

Our iron-on personalized clothing labels are the perfect way to give your designs an authentic feel. Our labels are often used to identify the owner of a piece of clothing, especially in situations where clothes can be easily mixed up. The following are a few simple, no-fuss ways you can attach your new clothing labels:

How are damask clothing labels the same as sewing labels?

Damask clothing labels are the same things as sewing labels for clothing. They can be generic or personalized sewing labels. Clothing name labels are offered as well as woven labels for clothing. The woven labels low minimums are very important to those who are just starting a clothing line.

How can I personalize my clothing label online?

Our online design tool allows you to configure Woven Labels with text & symbol that can convey a slogan or message to the buyer. Choose the material that is best suited to your product and needs: damask, satin or tyvek. Personalize your labels and make your creations unique.

What kind of labels do kids wear to school?

A self-inking, personalized stamp to identify the books in your home or school library so they’ll always get returned. A combo full of laundry-safe labels for all your preschooler’s clothing and shoes. A combination of laundry-safe clothing and shoe labels for identifying all the articles of clothing you send to school or daycare.

What do the washing symbols on clothing labels mean?

Washing tub symbol: Depicted as a stylised wash tub filled with water, this means your garment can be washed in the machine machine. It usually also means the clothing can be spun and rinsed normally (or using the synthetic cycle).