Has Jen Ledger left Skillet?

Has Jen Ledger left Skillet?

She has no plans to exit Skillet. “We’re all on the same team and we’re all kind of mixed into everything,” Ledger says. “John is actually going to be singing on one of my songs and Korey is co-producing all of it and writing it with me, so it’s ridiculously perfect.

How old is Jen Ledger now?

31 years (December 8, 1989)
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Does Skillet believe in God?

I believe in the Bible and I believe in the principles of the Bible and living by it. I don’t really see in the Bible and so I’ve obviously become my own person and I played in a rock band and I believe that music was created by God not the devil.

What denomination is Skillet?

Christian band
But Skillet isn’t strictly a hard-rock band. It’s also a Christian band — John grew up in a devout family in Memphis, and Korey’s parents co-founded Living Light Christian Church in Kenosha. Skillet has 21 No.

What is the name of the drummer in Skillet?

Jennifer Carole Ledger (born 8 December 1989) is an English drummer and co-vocalist for the American Christian rock band Skillet. At the age of 18 she became Skillet’s drummer, when their former drummer Lori Peters retired.. Ledger released a solo EP in 2018 under the name Ledger.

Is skillet a rock group?

Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. The band currently consists of husband John (lead vocals, bass) and wife Korey Cooper ( rhythm guitar , keyboards, backing vocals) along with Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) and Seth Morrison (lead guitar).

What are all the songs by Skillet?

1) “Whispers In The Dark” – Skillet. 2) “Rebirthing” – Skillet. 3) “The Last Night” – Skillet. 4) “Savior” – Skillet. 5) “Comatose” – Skillet. 6) “Hero” – Skillet. 7) “The Older I Get” – Skillet. 8) “Awake And Alive” – Skillet. 9) “Imperfection” – Skillet. 10) “Madness In Me” – Skillet.