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Does Underworks have good binders?

Does Underworks have good binders?

As always, I am satisfied with my purchase, as Underworks makes good quality binders (albeit very expensive) I think they are the best and safest. Please remember to keep binding to a minimum, also round up if you are between sizes.

What size Underworks binder should I get?

3 POWERFUL MEDICAL GRADE FABRIC LAYERS PROVIDE MAXIMUM COMPRESSION POWER – Feel the confidence of flatness!…Sizing Chart: Tri-top Chest Binder.

CHEST (in) CHEST (cm)
XS 28-30 71-76
S 31-33 79-84
M 34-36 86-91
L 37-40 94-102

What is the best binder for big chest?

Here are my suggestions for some of the most comfortable, versatile, and well-made binders you can buy.

  • GC2B Half Binder.
  • FLAVNT Bareskin Binder.
  • Trans-Vormer Strapless Binder.
  • Underworks Extreme Series.
  • Venus Envy Tri-Top Chest Binder.
  • Cool Mesh Zipper Binder.
  • Shapeshifters Inc. Galaxy Binder.
  • GC2B Tank Binder.

Can you swim in an Underworks binder?

Gen Velcro Binder for swimming, and it’s been fine. Overall, if you’re going to swim in a binder, I’d suggest Underworks over Lesloveboat. The material is easier to wash chlorine out of, and you don’t have to worry about messing up Velcro.

What are the side effects of breast binding?

Effects Associated with Chest Binding

  • Pain and discomfort, especially in back, chest, shoulders, and breasts.
  • Dermatological symptoms including acne, itch, rash, lesions, infections, reduced skin elasticity.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Overheating.
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness.
  • Numbness and impaired circulation.

What are the side effects of wearing a binder?

Wearing binders that are too tight can cause underlying tissue and muscle damage, prevent free movement, and even restrict a person’s ability to breathe. There haven’t been many studies about the health effects of binding, so it’s important to listen to experiences of others, and to talk to your healthcare provider.

Is it bad to wear a binder every day?

Don’t wear binders for longer than 8-12 hours and do not sleep while wearing your binder. It’s also crucial to schedule binder-breaks daily and make sure you aren’t binding every day. People who bind their breasts more frequently, such as every day, are more likely to experience negative side effects (2,4).

Why is sleeping in a binder bad?

Give your body time to rest and recover and don’t sleep in your binder. Sleeping in a binder can cause all sorts of complications including breathing problems similar to sleep apnea and generally interrupt your ability to sleep. Just don’t do this. Tightness ≠ better binding.

What do you need to know about Underworks?

It is our mission to bring comfortable, affordable, and immaculately stitched garments to people of all genders and sizes around the globe. With over 100 models of fashion and medical products, Underworks is the world’s premier source for compression clothing and shapewear for men and women.

What’s the phone number for Underworks shapewear?

Our dedication to selling the world’s finest shapewear is matched only by our dedication to outstanding customer service. For questions about any of our products, customers in the United States and Canada can call us at 1-800-242-422, and international customers can contact us at 011-305-668-5151.

How can I contact Underworks for customer support?

For questions about any of our products, customers in the United States and Canada can call us at 1-800-242-422, and international customers can contact us at 011-305-668-5151. Or, send an email to for customer support at any time, day or night.

What makes Underworks the best compression outfitter?

We provide only the highest quality products, from the threads we use to the fabrics we choose. Underworks insists on the tightest stitches on every seam, which has made us one of the world’s best outfitter for compression garments.