Does Thorpe Park have family tickets?

Does Thorpe Park have family tickets?

THORPE PARK Resort does not offer a family ticket. Our tickets are based on an individual price – Anyone aged 3 and over requires an entry tickets. Please note: Everyone, including Passholders, will need to pre-book a ticket online to guarantee entry.

How do you save money at Thorpe Park?

How to Save Money at Thorpe Park

  1. Take advantage of special offers and discounts. Thorpe Park frequently offers “2-for-1” deals in conjunction with newspapers, stores and websites.
  2. Pick up an Annual Pass.
  3. Take your own drinks and snacks.
  4. Weigh up the benefits of short break deals.

What age group is Thorpe Park for?

No child or children under the age of 12 will be admitted to the Resort unless they are accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 must remain under direct supervision of an adult (16 and over) at all times. Children under 3 years of age go free and do not need an admission ticket into the Resort.

Can you drink alcohol in Thorpe Park?

That said, we do strongly advocate the responsible consumption of alcohol and our staff and security teams are vigilant for any guests whom we feel may be behaving irresponsibly. We are glad that you had a fantastic time with us and enjoyed all of our excellent rides and attractions.

Whats better Thorpe Park or Alton Towers?

The rides are more intense and exciting than Alton towers, so if your looking for a more “adult experience” and less overall family orientated one Thorpe park is the better of the two, however still offers younger age range rides. …

How much money should I take to Thorpe Park?

Your will be looking at 30-40 per perseon for a day at Thorpe. Also car is £5-£6 for a day. Food is ok priced and so is drink. Total for day inc entrance food drink and parking for 1 plus 2 kids would be a round £160 of you don’t get buy one get one free tickets.