Does Ted Turner still own Vermejo Park Ranch?

Does Ted Turner still own Vermejo Park Ranch?

Today, the property belongs to the American billionaire and media mogul Ted Turner. A conservator who has collected more than a million acres of ranch land across the American West, he bought it in 1996 with the intention of preserving and protecting the wilderness indefinitely.

Where is vermejo NM?

Vermejo Park Ranch
Location Colfax / Taos counties, New Mexico and Las Animas / Costilla counties, Colorado, United States
Nearest city Raton, New Mexico
Coordinates 36°53′21″N 104°58′45″WCoordinates: 36°53′21″N 104°58′45″W
Operator Ted Turner Reserves

Does Ted Turner own a ranch in New Mexico?

Spanning 591,000 acres in northern New Mexico, Vermejo Park Ranch was acquired by Ted Turner in 1996. “It’s a guest-operated ranch,” says Turner. Once part of a nearly two-million-acre land grant, the ranch is now open to a limited number of visitors each year.

How large is Ted Turner’s ranch in New Mexico?

2 391 km²
Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve/Area

Who owns to ranch in New Mexico?

CNN founder Ted Turner may own more land in New Mexico than his friend and longtime business partner John Malone — who bought the 290,100-acre Bell Ranch in northeastern New Mexico in 2010, but Malone has surpassed Turner as the biggest individual landowner in the United States, The Wall Street Journal reported.

What is the biggest ranch in the US?

Deseret Ranches is also the largest cattle ranch in the United States. The church does not disclose the revenue from this ranch, but a 2001 estimate places that at $16 million. Located in South Australia, the remote Anna Creek Station is roughly 6 million acres.

Who’s the largest landowner in New Mexico?

Ted Turner
Ted Turner, who is also the owner of CNN, is the largest private landowner in New Mexico. Ted Turner owns more than 2 million acres of land in the U.S. in seven different states, over 1 million of which is located in New Mexico.

Who has the biggest ranch in New Mexico?