Does Jessops develop film?

Does Jessops develop film?

Film developing is as popular as ever! Here at Jessops we have years of experience and we’ll take immense care of your precious photos when developing your film. We develop, scan, and print your films to the highest of standards. Not a problem, you can now use our online service to process your films.

Where can I process 120 film?

The Darkroom photo lab specializes in all types of 120, 220, and 620 film developing. We process Color Print (C-41), Transparency (E-6) and True Black & White. We adjust density, color, and contrast for each and every frame or you have the option of no corrections.

Is 120 roll film still available?

120 is a film format for still photography introduced by Kodak for their Brownie No. 2 in 1901. It was originally intended for amateur photography but was later superseded in this role by 135 film. As of December 2018 all production of 220 film has stopped/paused worldwide.

How fast can you develop film?

Disposable camera and 35mm film prints are available in as little as 7 to 10 days. All other types of film are usually ready in approximately three weeks.

Why did Jessops have to go into administration?

The filing temporarily shields Jessops from creditors and gives it breathing space to find a way for the business to carry on, the company said. The chain, which Jones’s PJ Investment Group bought out of administration in 2013, has been whittled down to just 17 shops. More than half its stores closed after it hit trouble in 2019.

What can I do with my 120 film?

We can develop your 120 film and bring your photos to life as prints. Alternatively, receive your photos digitally on a CD, perfect for uploading online straight away. If you have old framed slides, let your memories live on in print or digitally with our slide processing service.

Can a 120mm film be developed on CD?

Have your 35mm film developed and printed on high-quality photo paper. Choose your paper type and size from our available options, or have your photos developed and stored digitally on a CD. We can develop your 120 film and bring your photos to life as prints.

Why is Jessops considering a company voluntary arrangement?

Jessops is considering a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) – an insolvency process that would enable it to cut its rents. It is also in talks with suppliers and partners.