Do Ruger LC9 and LC9s use same magazine?

Do Ruger LC9 and LC9s use same magazine?

LC9 Magazine also fits Ruger LC9s and EC9. 9MM, 7 Round, Fits Ruger LC9 / LC9s and EC9s, with Finger Rest, 2 Pack, Blue Finish. Grab some ammo to fill this magazine with flat rate shipping for more shooting fun with less reloading.

Will ProMag magazines work in Ruger LC9s?

Ruger has developed a reputation for practical, lightweight concealed carry pistols that get the job done—and the LC9/LC9S is no exception….ProMag LC9, EC9 9mm 10-Round Magazine.

Brand: ProMag Magazines
Capacity: 10-Round
Material: Steel

Will a Ruger LC9 mag fit a Ruger EC9S?

Will this magazine/clip work on my Ruger EC9S? Best Answer: Yes it will.

Is the Ruger EC9s any good?

We definitely recommend the Ruger EC9s if you’re looking for something to take to the range or something to defend yourself with. Its compact size makes it a great option for concealed carry gun owners who don’t want to deal with a heavy, cumbersome weapon strapped to their waist.

Is Ruger LC9 a good carry gun?

One of the lightest and most compact nine millimeter handguns is the Ruger LC9 pistol. Introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show, the LC9 is a comfortable, easy to carry, and easy to conceal single stack handgun. Discrete yet hard-hitting for its size, it excels as a home defense or concealed carry weapon.

How good is Ruger EC9S?

Why do Navy SEALs use 9mm?

In the mid-1980s all uniformed services would adopt the M9 as their primary handgun. But within the U.S. Navy SEAL community, because the M9 had some mechanical and performance issues during testing, the SEALs decided to go their own way and find a handgun that would work in their operational world.

Why is the Ruger EC9s so cheap?

Since Ruger doesn’t have to spend time setting up manufacturing specs for each component of the Ruger EC9, they are able to cut costs and put a more affordable gun into the hands of their customers.

What kind of magazine is in a Ruger LC9?

This is a ProMag 10-round magazine for Ruger LC9/LC9S pistols. Built from blued carbon steel with chrome silicon internal springs, wide-cut witness holes and tough polymer base plates, these ProMag extended magazines are designed for combat-ready performance at a price that’s hard to beat.

Which is the best 9mm magazine for Promag?

Weighing in at just a few ounces more than your average pocket pistol, the LC9 delivers 9mm stopping power and reliable performance thanks to Ruger factory magazines. All ProMag magazines come with a lifetime replacement guarantee, ensuring you’ll always have a working magazine on hand.

Can a Ruger 9mm magazine be sold in Connecticut?

In addition to providing you with two extra 9mm Caliber rounds, this magazine features an integrated grip extension on the end of the grip. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.

Is the ec9s 9 round extended magazine shopruger made in USA?

The build quality is first rate, this one is made in USA and as good as the Italian made mags. A mag-loading tool is best when this mag is new. Use a tool, not your thumb. Tension loading the 9th round is actually a good indication of high-grade music wire mag spring.