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Do all scroll saws use the same blades?

Do all scroll saws use the same blades?

Not only do blades come in different sizes, but the cutting teeth come in different configurations. Some manufacturers indicate this as the teeth per inch (TPI), while other manufacturers use more specific terms.

Why does my scroll saw blade wander?

Too little tension on the scroll saw blade has its problems as well. To little tension on the blade allows the blade to vibrate as it cuts. A vibrating scroll saw blade makes sloppy cuts that tend to wander from the cut line or be off the perpendicular with the saw table.

Who are the manufacturers of Olson scroll saw blades?

Olson has been a leading manufacturer of scroll saw blades for almost a century. Olson blades are for use with scroll/jig machines sold by Delta, DeWalt, Dremel, Skil, Rockwell, Pro-Tech, Powermatic, RB Industries, Hegner, Sakura, Shopsmith, Excalibur, Rexon, Ryobi, Sears Craftsman and Makita – virtually all domestic and imported saws.

How big is a 5 inch scroll saw blade?

5 Inch Pin End Scroll Saw Blades, (the 5″ is measured between the pins) are the most popular scroll saw blades. Perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State, Delta, Ryobi, and all 15″ and 16″ imported scroll saws. 5″ pin end blades offer a choice of tooth styles that includes Regular, Hook, Skip and Skip Reverse.

How big are the teeth on a Olson scroll saw?

Teeth Per Inch vary from the most coarse – 7TPI, to the finest- 25TPI. Olson’s Pin End Scroll Saw Blades come in packs of 6, 12, 1 Gross (144pcs), and an 18pc assortment of 5″ pin end blades. 3 Inch Pin End Blades measure 2-3/4″ between pins and are available with regular or skip teeth.

Who is the maker of the scroll saw blades?

Scroll Saw Blade Selection Chart to compare blades. Manufacturing Dynamics of Scroll Saw Blades by Chuck Olson. Olson’s Band and Scroll Saw Blade Catalog (2.7MB).