Did Wen actually rap in Lemonade Mouth?

Did Wen actually rap in Lemonade Mouth?

Adam Hicks (Wen) wrote the rap part of “Determinate”. Naomi Scott (Mo) and Nick Roux (Scott) dated in real life and in the movie. In the beginning of the film, all of the characters (except Mo) are seen wearing some aspect of orange or purple.

What is the competition in Lemonade Mouth?

At school, Olivia gets cornered by Ray Beech (Chris Brochu), lead singer of rival band, Mudslide Crush. The rest of the band interferes in an effort to defend Olivia and Stella spits her lemonade onto Ray. Ray refers to Stella as “lemonade mouth” and Olivia, the narrator, states: “And that is how we got our band name.”

Do they actually sing in Lemonade Mouth?

Note: The filmmakers want you to know that “Lemonade Mouth” is a dramady with a moving story. It has plenty of songs but the actors aren’t singing the story like in a true musical. Naomi: Adam actually wrote all the raps to the songs.

What happened to Wen from Lemonade Mouth?

Former Disney Channel actor and Lemonade Mouth star Adam Hicks has been arrested for armed robbery, according to TMZOpens in a new Window.. He was arrested in July after allegedly firing a gun and in September for battery. Adam played the role of Wendell ‘Wen’ Gifford in Lemonade Mouth.

Is Lemonade Mouth on Disney plus?

Lemonade Mouth is the story of a diverse group of teenagers meeting in detention, reminiscent of The Breakfast Club. Except when Disney teens meet in detention, they start a band. Stream Lemonade Mouth on Disney+.

Why is Olivia’s dad in jail in Lemonade Mouth?

When Olivia was a baby, her parents started fighting. When Olivia was one, her dad got arrested for three months for robbing the department store, and as soon as he got out, Olivia’s mother, who never seemed to love or want her and had issues with fights and drugs, left Olivia’s father to raise his daughter by himself.