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Did Prabhu and Kushboo married?

Did Prabhu and Kushboo married?

While still married to Punitha, Prabhu had a live-in relationship with actress Kushboo for four-and-a-half years, and got married on September 12, 1993.

When was kushboo married?

March 9, 2000 (Sundar C.)
Kushboo/Wedding dates

Is kushboo a Hindu?

Khushbu was born as Nakhat Khan on 29 September 1970 into a Muslim family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Her parents gave her the stage name Khushbu when she started her career as a child actress.

Who is Meena husband?

Vidyasagarm. 2009

Who is khushboo husband?

Sundar C.m. 2000

Who is Khushboo Sundar’s husband?

Khushbu married Sundar C in a grand wedding ceremony in 2000. Recently, the couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

What is the real name of jyothika?

Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan
Jyothika/Full name

Jyothika Saravanan (née Sadanah; born 18 October 1977) is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Tamil films. She also acted in some Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi films.

Who is MGR’s wife?

M. G. Ramachandran
Spouse(s) Thangamani ​ ​ ( m. 1939; died 1942)​ Sadhanandavathi ​ ​ ( m. 1942; died 1962)​ V. N. Janaki ​ ( m. 1963)​
Relatives M. G. Chakrapani (brother)
Residence M.G.R. Thottam Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Profession Film actor producer director politician philanthropist

Who is Jayalalitha husband?

The couple Jayaram-Vedvalli had two children: a son Jayakumar and a daughter, Jayalalitha.

Who is Meena mother?

Raj Mallika

Which caste is Meena?

The Meena fall into the Scheduled Tribe category in the state of Rajasthan and the majority of them are classified as being Hindu, but in Madhya Pradesh Meena are recognised as a Scheduled Tribe only in Sironj Tehsil, Vidisha, while in the other 44 districts of the state they are categorised as Other Backward Classes.