Did PJ Travers have children?

Did PJ Travers have children?

Upon emigrating to England at the age of 25, she took the name “Pamela Lyndon Travers” and adopted the pen name “P. L. Travers” in 1933 while writing the first of eight Mary Poppins books….P. L. Travers.

P. L. Travers OBE
Children Camillus Travers Hone

What happened to Camillus Travers twin brother?

Anthony died in 2005, before his time and largely from the bottle, as indeed Camillus did, from the same alcoholic excess, six years later.

Did Pamela Travers ever married?

Travers never married, but she was romantically involved with both men and women. She adopted a son from an impoverished acquaintance of Yeats; he was one of a pair of twins. She told him that she was his birth mother, and he did not discover her fabrication until he was 17 when his twin appeared at the door.

Why did Helen Goff change her name?

The author P. L. Born Helen Lyndon Goff in Australia in 1899, Travers was the daughter of Travers Goff, a banker, drinker and bamboozler who died when she was 7. (She took his first name as her surname to pursue an acting career, simply inventing the first name Pamela.)

Why did P.L. Travers hate Mary Poppins?

According to Buzzfeed, Travers hated the adaptation of her book series so much that she actually cried all throughout the 1964 movie premiere of Mary Poppins. The author believed that much of Mary Poppins’ personality was compromised and that her disciplinarian traits were dulled down.

Why did P.L. Travers hate pears?

In the film, P.L. Travers hates pears after a traumatic incident with them during her childhood.

Who inherited PL Travers estate?

Before Travers died, however — aged 96, in 1996 — she feared her son would booze away her estate, so she left it in trust for him and her grandchildren, Kate, Bruno and Cicely, leaving instructions that he should only be paid a modest allowance.

How much did Disney pay for Mary Poppins rights?

The royalties from her Mary Poppins series had begun to dwindle by the ’60s, and Disney reportedly offered to pay her $100,000 (more than $800,000 by today’s standards), plus five percent of the movie’s multi-million-dollar gross earnings. Disney also agreed to allow Travers (or “Mrs.

Did PL Travers really hate pears?

Is Bert from Mary Poppins still alive?

Van Dyke is still active in Hollywood at 94 years old. After playing Bert, the actor continued his TV career on CBS with “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “The New Dick Van Dyke Show,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Van Dyke Show,” and “Diagnosis Murder.”

Why did P.L. Travers hated Mary Poppins?

Why did PL Travers not like pears?

What did p.l.travers imagine herself as as a child?

Often as a child, Travers imagined herself as a bird, specifically as a hen. “‘She can’t come in, she’s laying,’ her family and friends would say,” according to Mary Poppins, She Wrote , Valerie Lawson’s biography of Travers. She loved animals and had a rich fantasy life, often arranging corners of her family’s backyard into miniature parks.

How old was p.l.travers when she died?

Although she was friendly to the parade of interviewers who came to her home in London’s Chelsea district, she was usually reticent about the details of her own life, many of which emerged only with the publication of Lawson’s biography in 1999. Travers died in London on April 23, 1996, at age 96.

Who was Travers twin son in Mary Poppins?

According to a report in the Mail Online, the Hone patriarch pleaded with Travers to take the family’s twin sons but the writer insisted she could only look after one, selecting the baby based on advice from her astrologer. Split from his twin, Camillus was raised in luxury and told by his mother he was the son of a wealthy sugar baron.

What happens to Travers family in Saving Mr Banks?

But Travers Goff fell ill and died prematurely, forcing his subsequently impoverished family to move to a tin-roofed shack and rely on the charity of various aunts. No fairy tale: Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson as Walt Disney and PL Travers in the film Saving Mr. Banks