Did Einstein say if a cluttered desk?

Did Einstein say if a cluttered desk?

Albert Einstein famously quipped, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” While the Nobel laureate was obviously advocating for the benefits of cluttered desks, he likely had no idea that his question would inspire researchers decades later…and that those researchers …

What does it mean when someone has a messy desk?

A messy desk tends to indicate that the person is busy and that is why they have not cleaned up their desk. The desk pictures also showed that a messy desk indicates that the person is busy and that is why they have not cleaned up their desk. Messy people tend to get bored easily and need to be stimulated.

Is it bad to have a messy desk?

A messy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing, says clinical psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD. Keeping your desk messy or tidy could just reflect a difference in personality. “A person with a messy work space may just be very busy and engaged with their work and a little less so with cleaning their office,” Dr. Bea says.

Are geniuses messy?

A study by the University of Minnesota suggests, that the messy desk of geniuses is actually linked to their intelligence. If you don’t spend much time cleaning and organizing everything around you, your mind is obviously occupied with more important stuff.

What is clean desk policy?

A clean desk policy (CDP) is a corporate directive that specifies how employees should leave their working space when they leave the office. Most CDPs require employees to clear their desks of all papers at the end of the day.

Can a messy person become neat?

According to home organizers and experts in habit formation, anyone can learn to be neat, even if they’ve spent a lifetime doing the opposite. The trick isn’t just in learning to clean up; it’s developing a routine to keep your momentum going.

What your office desk says about you?

Employees who have cluttered desks are said to be extroverted, friendly and welcoming of colleagues. They are also found to be more creative than their tidier co-workers. However, messy people are also less productive than others, since more time is spent on finding things than actually doing things.

Why geniuses have messy rooms?

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