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Can you trade in battle camp?

Can you trade in battle camp?

You can only trade with people who’ve been Battle Camp Pals for two weeks or more.

What does Rare Essence do in battle camp?

Then you can begin trading in your Essence toward a new monster of the next highest rarity (so Rare Essence can be exchanged for a Super Monster, Super Essence for an Ultra and Ultra Essence for an Epic).

How do you get good at battle camp?

Battle Camp – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

  1. 6) Keep in mind which colors are strong against which other colors.
  2. 7) Participate in the events for huge prizes.
  3. 8) Make huge combos to do huge amounts of damage to one monster.
  4. 9) Come up with the biggest matches that you can.
  5. 10) Start looking for rare monsters right away.

How do you delete a battle camp account?

You can send to [email protected] a request to delete the account. Just provide your name(in battle camp).

What is r boost in battle camp?

R-boost points can grant your mob an incredible bonus. Because these points are applied to the base statistics, all bonuses including zodiac and passive abilities will gain an increase. Only reward monsters can R-Boost.

How do you get special monsters in battle camp?

These can be found in Hall Dungeons, Raid Halls, Troop Raids, Prize Grabs and events. Then there are also Crystal Specials for each element and for super, ultra and epic rarities. These are needed for second evolution and are only found in events or the Lost Temple Raid Hall.

Where do I spend event tokens in battle camp?

You’ll find a trader below the moon tower on the main Celestial Towers screen where you can make purchases with event tokens. (These are most easily earned from Raid events, but can drop during tower battles during Celestial Towers).

How do you get nuggets in battle camp?

Nuggets are obtainable by watching videos and can be be exchanged for gold in Camp.

How do you play battle camp?

How to Download and Play Battle Camp on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for Battle Camp in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install Battle Camp from the search results.
  4. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Battle Camp.

What do event tokens do in battle camp?

Event Tokens may be spent at traders during an event for awesome items ranging from trophies to costumes. And tokens do carry over between events so there is no need to worry if you don’t spend them all.

How do you get gold in battle camp?

Gold is obtainable by completing jobs, missions, killing monsters, exchanged from nuggets, completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, exchanged with real-world-currency, and leveling up.

How often can you trade in battle camp?

There are other restrictions to trading as well. You can only trade with people who’ve been Battle Camp Pals for two weeks or more. You can also only trade for a monster of the same rarity (so epics for epics, commons for commons). And each rarity requires you to reach a certain level first. See the table below: Q: How many trades per day do I get?

How do you trade monsters in Battlecamp Battlecamp?

To trade, go to: Once there, you and your friend can see each others inventories. Select the monster you want from your friend’s inventory and then the monster from your own you would like to offer in exchange. Then, once your friend approves your proposal, the trade will be complete.

How to cancel a trade proposal in Battlecamp?

To clear out any pending proposals, click on the Notifications button in the trading portal, and then click Cancel Trade by hovering your mouse to the right of where it says “pending.” Q: I sent a trade proposal to my friend, but I haven’t gotten the Monster.

Where can I buy gold for battle camp?

Gold can also be purchased through an iTunes, Play Store, or Amazon gift card (depending on your device choice.) You can find these at your local Apple Store as well as most convenience and grocery stores. What devices does Battle Camp support? You can play Battle Camp on the following devices: