Can you swim in Partington Cove?

Can you swim in Partington Cove?

Swimming, climbing on rocks, and wading are unsafe due to the strong surf. All diving is prohibited except by special permit. More camping options are available at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, 8.9 miles north of the Partington Cove hike.

Where do I park for Partington Cove Trail?

You can park on either side of the highwayon the west side there is the road down to Partington Cove with a gate at top. The pullout to park is just 2 miles north of the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park turnoff, or 54.6 miles north of the Hearst Castle turnoff.

How do you get to Jade Cove?

From Plaskett Creek Campground drive a quarter mile south and scan the west side of the road for the Plaskett Rock Point trailhead. A second trail, another quarter mile to the south, leads straight to Jade Cove. A scenic path along the coastal bluff connects these parallel tracks.

How do you hike down to McWay Falls?

McWay Falls Overlook Trail can be accessed two different ways. Option one is to simply park along Highway One for free and start down the trail. You may also pull into Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and pay an entrance fee to walk a bit farther.

Can you go down to McWay Falls?

2) Can you actually hike down to McWay Falls? Unfortunately it is illegal to go down there. The reason why is because of the many dangers including deaths that have happened from people trying to do that. There is no road or path that leads down there and you would literally be risking your life to scale down there.

Can you find jade on the beach?

Most beaches along the southern end of the Big Sur coastline have a chance of jade, with Jade Cove being the most famous spot. But don’t think you can just walk to the beach today and pick up some jade to take home – you might get lucky, but it’s usually a little more involved than that.

Where is Jade Cove located?

Big Sur
Jade Cove in Big Sur, California Jade Cove is a rocky cove south of Sand Dollar Picnic Area on the southern Big Sur Coast. Jade Cove is known for the jade stones that have been plucked from these waters for years.

Can you get close to McWay Falls?

It is a short 0.6-mile round trip hike to a viewpoint for McWay Falls, which can be reached directly from Highway One or from parking areas withing Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park. Walk down the wide dirt trail and through a tunnel beneath Highway One.