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Can you road trip on a Sportster?

Can you road trip on a Sportster?

But the Sportster is capable of so much more. They can turn any model Sportster into a touring bike capable of big miles on the open highway. Luggage. Going for a long haul requires you to pack some necessities to get you through the days of riding that are ahead of you.

What year is the best Sportster?

The Top 10 Harley Davidson Sportster Models of All-Time

  1. 1957 Harley XL Sportster Ironhead.
  2. 1967 Harley Sportster XLH.
  3. 1969 Harley Sportster XLH.
  4. 1971 Harley Sportster.
  5. 1978 Harley Sportster.
  6. 1980-1981 Harley Sportster.
  7. 7. 1983 Harley Sportster XLX61.
  8. 2005 Harley-Davidson Sportster.

How much power can you get from a 1200 Sportster?

Powering this American machine is an air-cooled, 1202cc Evolution v-twin motor. We ran the Iron 1200 on our rear-wheel motorcycle dyno in fourth gear to determine peak output from the v-twin. We documented 59.14 hp at 5,410 rpm and 67.08 pound-feet of torque at 4,050 rpm.

What’s the difference between Sportster 883 and 883 custom?

The whole difference between the two models consists in chassis mods making the Sportster 883 Low more compact and, obviously, lower as well as the Sportster 883 Custom longer and sleeker. Featuring low profile ergonomics with a seat height of just 25.3 inches, the Sportster 883 Low offers an exciting combination…

Is the Sportster 883 superlow available for sale?

Sportster® 883 SuperLow™The brand new 2011 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® SuperLow™ XL883L has all the new motorcycle features you want for easy h… 2015 Harley-Davidson® XL883L – Sportster® SuperLow®, 30-Day Unlimited-Mile Powertrain Warranty. Financing and Shipping available on most machines…. #1 VOLUME DEALER #1 VOLUME DEALER

How much does a Harley Davidson XL 883l weigh?

The Harley-Davidson XL 883L Sportster 883 SuperLow model is a Custom / cruiser bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson . In this version sold from year 2011 , the dry weight is 243.1 kg (536.0 pounds) and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor.

What kind of bike is the Sportster XL883L?

2015 Harley-Davidson® XL883L – Sportster® SuperLow®, The SuperLow model is easy to own and fun to ride. Balanced and responsive handling help rider…