Can you remap a Shogun Sport?

Can you remap a Shogun Sport?

Do you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Mitsubishi Shogun Sport? Our Mitsubishi performance chips and Mitsubishi remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car’s performance and improve your MPG!

Do diesel tuning boxes really work?

The tuning box – designed for petrol and diesel vehicles – improves power, torque and fuel economy. Essentially, the box ‘tricks’ the ECU into injecting more fuel into the cylinders, so you see an increase in car performance. In the worst case, a bad car tuning box can even cause damage to your vehicle.

Are Mitsubishi Shoguns any good?

Fairly thirsty and of slightly lower performance for its capacity than most more modern equivalents, but stll more than adequate. Very good resistance to corrosion. Very reliable, with only a few well documented and easily fixable general faults even with higher age and mileage.

Does Mitsubishi Shogun Sport have sat nav?

Sadly, the standard infotainment system feels a little dated. DAB radio and Bluetooth both feature, but the 7.0-inch touchscreen is a little slow to respond and not particularly bright or sharp to look at, while you might be surprised there’s no option for a built-in sat-nav.

Which is better remap or tuning box?

A quality remap will cost more than a quality tuning box. But don’t let that worry you too much. When you’re not pushing your ride to its fullest with performance, remaps will allow for some better fuel economy. So after a few months, you’ll make up the difference at the gas pump.

What problems do Mitsubishi Shoguns have?

Among the problems are gearboxes that can fail after about 60,000 miles, and, at around the same mileage, a suspension that may need an overhaul and brake discs that need replacing.

Can you still buy a Mitsubishi Shogun?

For a very specific and likely small audience, we have some bad news: the Mitsubishi Shogun will no longer be offered for sale in the UK. Mitsubishi has announced it will no longer sell new Shoguns in Britain, ending a near four-decade production run.

Are remaps permanent?

The remapping procedure is entirely permanent – many dealerships will find evidence the car has been modified.