Can you put a lift kit on a Dodge Nitro?

Can you put a lift kit on a Dodge Nitro?

While installing such a system is certainly eye-catching, it’s the added clearance that makes bring your truck off of the ground truly worthwhile. A lift kit for Dodge Nitro trucks gets the underside away from the ground, letting you rest easy when large rocks and fallen trees make their way into view!

Why are body lifts bad?

Body lifts can increase the flip-over risk, as well as create gapping issues and overstretch components of the vehicle. A basic version of a lift kit was made in WWI when the military needed to modify their off-road vehicles to be able to travel over the roughest of terrain with heavy machinery.

Does a body lift affect the ride?

A body lift kit raises the body of your vehicle up a few inches while leaving the suspension and wheels at their original height. This is done by adding spacers over the vehicles’ original body mount bushings. This type of lift shouldn’t affect your ride quality or handling in any way.

Is a body lift cheaper?

A body lift is the most inexpensive way to get ride height, but a suspension lift or bigger tires are your only options for more ground clearance. If you’re modding on a budget then the total cost of accomplishing your lift is going to be a factor. In this area, body lifts are the best hands down.

What bolt pattern is a Dodge Nitro?

The dodge nitro comes equipped with a 5×114. 3 Mm wheel bolt pattern.

Which is the best Dodge Nitro lift kit?

Dodge Nitro Lift Kit 2007-2012 Rocky Road kits are the very best on the market Nitro… period. The Dodge Nitro kit does not go over 3″ in height to keep the front axle CV joints from binding. What you are getting is a full suspension that drives and handles like a dream.

What kind of suspension does a Dodge Nitro use?

Rocky Road Suspensions were deemed the BEST ENGINEERED by the experts, and so is the choice for various MOPAR projects. Dodge Nitro suspension lifts come with…. New Old Man Emu front springs. Under-the-Top ® strut cap and spacers for 3″ leveling lift in front. Full High Density rear poly coil spacer. Rocky Road engineered shocks.

What kind of tires do you put on a Dodge Nitro?

LoL! Hell yeah to the chrome rims on some nobby tires. Imagine some 16×10″ rims on the nitro with a 2-3″ lift and some good solid mud tires. In the town where I live all the trucks it seems have lifts and mud tires on chrome rims.

What’s the best lift kit for a Dodge truck?

ComfortRide™ Lift Kit by Daystar®. Whether you want to raise just the front of your truck to offset a slant-nose factory design or bring both the front and rear up equally, Daystar offers durable polyurethane spacers and bushings… Suspension Lift Kit by Revtek®.