Can you listen to police radio in Australia?

Can you listen to police radio in Australia?

SMART PHONE apps are allowing Australians to listen in on sensitive police radio communications. Smart phones users can listen to sensitive police communications simply by buying a $2 police scanner application online – or downloading the free versions.

What frequency do police use in Australia?

10.505 4.134 (Water Police)
4.375 (Water Police)
4.426 (Water Police)

What are the police frequencies in New South Wales?

NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE FORCE RADIO FREQUENCIES & CHANNELS NSW POLICE AVIATION FREQUENCY LISTING Frequency Input License Type Tone Alpha Tag Mode Tag 3.2535 VKG B Police Airwing Tx Bankstown Airport (USB) USB Law Talk 4.5615

How to find the police frequencies in your state?

Below is a list of U.S. States, click one to view corresponding police frequencies. Each state’s statewide conventional and/or trunking police frequencies are shown on the main page, then a list of counties is given. From there each county police frequency is shown as well as a list of cities and towns to choose from.

Which is the most common police scanner frequency?

475: This is a more common frequency where many emergency communications of state and local officers happen. There are many other frequencies especially depending on which area you live in. For instance, you’ll find many sets of frequencies in the state of Alabama.

How does a police radar change its frequency?

The radar antenna emits a radio beam. The beam reflects off of the target, and then returns to the police radar antenna. The velocity of the target will change the frequency of the radar signal.